Controversies the Malayalam stars could have avoided

1. Mohanlal

The controversy about Mohanlal is the recent one which made waves in social media. The topic as you all know is his Lalisom band and its performance on the launching ceremony of National Games. Mohanlal was blamed by the public, even the people who applauded for his acting and put him to sky, for asking Rs. 1.6 crore as remuneration for their performance. The audiences were not satisfied by the show of Lalisom as they performed lip- synced. Mohanlal was all set to reimburse the money back to the government but they are not ready to accept it.

2. Prithviraj

Prithviraj is always surrounded with controversies like ‘the only south Indian actor who speaks English’. But the new one is very fascinating that it relates the name of his daughter, Alankrita Menon Prithviraj. The ‘Menon’ in it sparked the controversy. But the actor says that it is just a name and not allied to any caste. His wife has been addressed as ‘Ms Menon’ during her career. The actor conveys that he gives first preference to women so that he put the Menon first before his and it has no relation with the caste.

3. Jagathy Sreekumar

Jagathy Sreekumar has shocked the world by revealing the news about his secret wife and daughter. He confessed about this before the accident that ruined his life. He married twice before knowing about this secret family. He first married actress Mallika and the couple divorced. Thereafter he married Shobha and has two children.

4. Swetha menon

The former Miss India runner-up had sparked two storms in the recent past. One was her delivery and other a case against a Member of Parliament. The actress gave birth to a baby girl in front of three cameras for the sake of a movie shooting. She was agitated by the public for this kind of action saying delivery is a seclusion of a women and it should not be exposed to the world. She also created a sensation about a Minister of Parliament tried to abuse her.

5. Kalabhavan Mani

Kalabhavan Mani has created sensational hot news regarding his gold bangle that is more than 20 Sovereign. He had an issue of carrying at the airport of taking so much gold with him. The actor showed ire and threw the bangle towards the customs officers when they enquired about it.

6. K. B Ganesh Kumar

Ganesh Kumar, actor and Politian was put into trouble by the divorce case with his former wife Dr Yamini Thankachan. She alleged that he had been harassing her since years and she did not find fairness even from the Chief Minister, even after conveying her worries. But the actor refused the argument by saying that he was the actual sufferer.

7. Thilakan

Thilakan faced many issues with the associations AMMA and FEFKA. He abused some actors and directors of Malayalam movie which made these organisations against him. AMMA had banned him from acting in many films and also suspended him from the association. He was annoyed and was not ready for any confessions or apologizes.

8. Mammootty


Mammootty is the brand ambassador of the product Indulekha. Case was filed by Chaathu from Mananthavady, Wayanad against Mammootty and Indulekha, at Wayanad District Consumer Court, claiming that the product does not keep its word as its said in the advertisement. Rs 50000 was demanded by him in the complaint filed in the court. He had been using Indulekha soap for long time, but could not find the resutl as they promised in the advertisement. This made him to file a case against the actor and the company.

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