10 Outstanding Performances which prove that Prithviraj is irreplaceable

Prithviraj Sukumaran, who made his big screen debut 16 years ago, is now one of the prominent actor in the Malayalama industry who is known for giving more importance to plot of the movie rather than showcasing the stardom on the silver screen.  Over the years he has rejoiced the Malayalam audience with his versatile roles. Eventhough his career had slight slump sometimes back, he has made a strong comeback to the hearts of  Malayalees with strong on screen performaces. On the occassion of celebrating his 34th birthday, let us look at some of his best performances in Malayalam.

Ravi tharakan - Ayalum Njanum Thammil 

Best of Prithviraj - Ravi tharakan - Ayalum Njanum Thammil

Undoubtedly this is one of his best performances ever.  Ayalum Njanum Thammil  tells the story of a lazy medical student who turned out to be a highly ethical human being and a renowned cardiac surgeon. His role as Dr. Ravi Tharakan wont leave you even after you finished watching the movie. Prithviraj delivered a stellar performance by meticulously portraying the roles of a doctor and a lazy youngster. 

Moideen - Ennu Ninte Moideen

Best of Prithviraj - Moideen - Ennu Ninte Moideen

Prithviraj was instrumental in playing the real life character Moideen in the eternal love story of Moideen and Kanchanamala.  Portraying a real life character is very difficult, but he was so dedicated to pull out a brillaint performance in this film. His matured approach to this particular role was commendable.

Balachandran Adiga - Vaasthavam

Best of Prithviraj Balachandran Adiga - Vasthavam

His role as a corrupted government employee in the film Vasthavam has broght him the first Kerala state award. He played the role of Balachandran Adiga who is an emotionless secretariat staff with great control and maturity. Prithvi has done well in depicting the negative shade character quite well. It is also commendable that at the younger age itself, he was open to all kinds of characters.

Sam Alex - Memories

Best of Prithviraj Sam Alex Memories

In this Jeethu Joseph movie, Memories, Prithviraj played the role of a shattered police officer who is a chronic alchaholic. He has excelled in delivering the appearance of a happy family man and a broken man who hates the God for taking every happiness from him. The actor was outstanding. He has completely taken the film on his shoulder towards the climax with his terrific acting.

JC Daniel - Celluloid

Best of Prithviraj Daniel Celluloid

To depict the poineer of Malayalam Cinema, JC Daniel, on screen  no other actor is more convincing than prithviraj. This come of age actor has once again made his hateres to his fans. He was very much involved into this landmark character which reflect that how the mental turmoil of Daniel was well conveyed to the audience. He was composed and in control to show case the enthusiasm of a young Daniel and impressed everyone with the manerisms of a 77 year old Daniel. He has got his second state award for the performance in Celluloid. The actor has rendered this character with the old dialect of travancore in the film.

Solomon Joseph - Vargam

Best of Prithviraj - Solomon Joseph Vargam

Solomon Joseph is the hero of many die hard fans of  Prithviraj even now. He has also stated once that the movie released on wrong time which resulted a failure in the boxoffice. He played the role of a corrupt cop in the movie. His intense acting in the movie was highly acclaimed by critics.

Jayaprakash - Indian Rupee

Best of Prithviraj- Jayaprakash Indian Rupee

In this movie he played the role of a common man, Jayaprakash (JP) who is a small time real estate broker from Kozhikode. Prithviraj was very much moulded into the character of JP and delivered a memorable performance in the film. He has used a kozhikodan Malayalam dialect in the film. Also, impressed the audiences with his easeness in acting light moments in the movie.

Saathan - Stop Violence

Best of Prithvi - Saathan Stop Violence

Saathan is the best role played by Prithviraj on his initial years of acting. It was a mindblowing performance from a budding actor. This bench mark film in his career showed the potential of Prithvi as an actor. His character Saathan wears an intense stare and a snarl on his mouth. Interestingly the charcter he played in this movie also has a negative shade.

Sukumaran  - Classmates

Best of Prithviraj - Sukumaran in Classmates

Probably this is the most loved character of Prithviraj in the last decade. The movie created a huge buzz after its release. He has played the role of a students leader who lives with left ideologies and has a love interest with daughter of his opposition leader. He was very dynamic in showcasing the students leader role with arrogance and rage. But more impressive was his role a matured as a Sukumaran, with very subtle manerisms.

Antony Moses - Mumbai Police

Best of Prithviraj - Antony moses in Mumbai Police

One must be very courageous to take up a role like Antony Moses, who is a secret gay, when he is doing well as a lead actor in the industry. Prithviraj stood out in this crime thriller movie, Mumbai Police, with his classy performance. His transformation from a vibrant young police officer to a gloomy one was awesome. 

He has delivered really good performance in the films like Picket 43, Island express in Kerala cafe, Paavada, Amar Akbar Anthony (Comed), Urumi, Arjunan Sakshi,Manikyakallu as well.

On this special occassion, we wish him all the best for the future

Happy Birthday Prithviraj Sukukaran

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