10 Popular Malayalam movies that changed its title

10 Popular Malayalam Movies that changed its title

Title of a movie is, obviously, one of the most important driving forces that increase the audiences’ interest to watch it. Thus makers are very much determined about the title. However, in some situations, they are forced to change the movie’s title at some stage of the production. Take a look at the list of Malayalam films with major title changes.

Movies Original Title Cast Release Date
In Harihar Nagar Marathon Mukesh, Siddique 1990
Ramji Rao Speaking Nombarangalkku Sullu Mukesh, Saikumar 1989
The King Kshatriyam Mammootty 1995
Villali Veeran Budhettan Dileep 2014
Swarna Kaduva Vella Kaduva Biju Menon 2016
Naaduvaazhikal Shabdham Mohanlal 1989
Udhyanapalakan Poomaram Mammootty 1996
Kuttettan Vishnuvinte Numberukal Mammootty 1990
Ponmuttayidunna Tharavu Ponmuttayidunna Thattan Sreenivasan 1988
Amaram Arayan Mammootty 1991


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