Unforgettable performances of Mohanlal in Malayalam

It has been over 30 years, Mohanlal has been entertaining Malayalam film audience and been part of their life everyday. Regarded as one of the finest natural actor in our country, he has never stopped to astonish us for a long time. There was a golden period for Malayalam films and its artists and no surprise, he has produced his brilliant performances during that time. Though his infulences to audience has been declining for some years, hope the actor would come up with some stellar performances soon. We would like to present some of his unforgettable performances in the silver screen. You can watch these movies only for seeing his performances.

1. Thanmatra


Mohanlal plays the role of Rameshan Nair, an anxieted father about his son's future,who lost his memory due to Alzchimers in this heartbreaking drama. Mohanlal has delivered a matured performance which even surprised many doctors who work in same field. Even some of his manerisms and gestures were actully shown by the people who are having Alzchimers.

2. Bharatham


Playing the role of a brother who wants to hide the death news to family, Mohanlal excells in this movie by his controlled and yet expressive acting. Sibi Malayalam once said, in the movie when he arrives in the police station to identify the dead body of his brother, Lal's reaction has surprised him. His performance got him National award for the first time.

3. Sadayam


He plays the role of a condemned prisoner, who murdered two young girls. He has showcased an intensed portrait of an individual who vindicate his crime for the good cause of the girls. Killing the girls while he was painting in the movie was classical and he had done it with both intensity and easiness.

4. Kireedom


Pushed against the will of his father, Sethumadhavan became a local rowdy due to circumstances. He has delivered a full throttle performance with both emotional and action sequences of a helpless human being. In the final scene, he chews while waving knife at police was so orignal and when he breaks down in front of his father with a loud cry was touching.

5. Drishyam


After a long time, Mohanlal left a rock solid, impervious presence in the screen with 2013 film Drishyam. His self contained performance of a common man with remorse of hiding the truth at the climax scene was exceptional.

6. Sphadikam


He plays the role of a bad guy who has turned into a rogue due to ill treatment of his father during his childhood days. He acted well as a mischeivious lover and loving brother even though he has the guilt feeling about his relationship with his father. He won Kerala state award for his performance as Aadu Thoma.

7. Chitram


Mohanlal excelled in this movie with his comic performance and heart touching dialogues. In one scene, when he pleads in front of Police officer for stopping his life sentences with a helpless attitude was very emotional. He has won heart of many Malayalam audiences with that dialogue 'Enne Kollathirikkan Pattumo'.

8. Pavitram


He portrayed the role of a brother who dedicate his life to his little sister. His performance goes to peak at the climax of the movie when he becomes mentally ill. He showcased the anxiety and care of an elder brother in addition to the adamant behaviour of an aged person.

9. Dasaratham


Dasaratham tells the story of a rich person who tries to have a son through a surrogate mother. During the major part of the movie he thrives the role as a boasted rich fellow. But when he lose the child he became emotional and asks his servant to love him as a mother. The intensity he has shown in the scene with shivering fingers and some tears were impeccable.

10. Kamaladalam


His performance in the Sibi Malayil directed movie was renowned for his dancing skills. Though he was not a trained dancer he competed with some natural dancers with ease and great charisma.

11. T.P Balagopalan MA

T.P Balagopalan MA

Mohanlal came of age with a subtle, restrained and natural acting in this film. He portrayed the vows of a middle class young man with lots of responsibility with a convincing manner. He received Kerala State best award for this film.

12. Vanaprastham


A flawless performance as a Kathakali artist in Vanaprastham won international acclaims for him. His facial expressions in many scenes were enough to portray the worries of Kunhikuttan. He won National award for his stellar performance in this film.

13. Devasuram


Devasuram is renowned for the birth of a feudal bad ass hero, Managalserry Neelakantan. He became a mass hero by portraying a negative shade character with great command. Action scenes in the climax where he was hitting Napolean with one hand was impeccable.

There are many movies still left to mention about his performances like Amrutham Gamaya Pakshe, Chenkol, Lal Salam, His Highness Abdullah,Ulsavapittennu,Nadodikkattu,Namukku Parkkan Munthirithoppukal,Gandhinagar Second Street, Thoovanathumbikal, Varavelppu, Vellankalude Nadu, Aram Thampuran,Panchagni.

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