15 Malayalam songs which begins with 'Innale'

It was Shakespeare who employed the word yesterdays to effect a sense of nostalgia and centuries later the Beatles took it up and created a wonderful song around the idea. Malayalam lyricists were not left out far behind. 15 songs in Malayalam begins with the word 'Innale' and numerous songs which contain this magical word like the song Padmarajans' movie innale in which there is an outstanding line...“athilinnale moodiya manjuriki”.  Here are those fifteen songs which start with 'innale'.

1. Innale Mayangumpol

Innale Mayangumpol

This song written by P Bhaskaran, composed by M S Baburaj for the movie Anweshichchu Kandeththiyilla was sung by K J Yesudas and is an all time favourite. There seems to be an error in recording though. The first line is abruptly repeated in the middle of the song. The romantic lyrics and the Hindustani notes will make you fall in love, at least with this song.[Watch Song]

2. Innale Neeyoru Sudara Ragamayen

Innale Neeyoru Sudara Ragamayen

P Bhaskaran wrote another hit song, this time making it more poetic, and Dakshinamoorthy composed it for the movie
Sthree. K J Yesudas has brought it to our ears as honey. This song should be taught in schools as a great example of imaginative lyricism. The song can also be interpreted as a devotional piece.[Watch Song]

3. Innale Ente Nenjile

Innale Ente Nenjile - Balettan

This was a hit by Gireesh Puthencheri, M. Jayachandran (Music Director)  and K J Yesudas for the movie Balettan.[Watch Song]

4. Innalaththe Vennilaavin

Penned by Vayalar and set to music by Dakshinamoorthy and sung by K J Yesudas, this topped the charts for a long time. A favourite song of Vayalar fans

5. Innaleyolam

Innaleyolam entennariyilla

Traditional lyrics from Njaanappaana, originally by Poonthaanam were set to music by Dakshinamoorthy and sung by K J
Yesudas for the movie Sree Guruvaaayoorappan. The famous lyrics got a new life through this song.

6. Innale Innu Naale

This  song was written by SrekumaranThampi and composed by Ben Surendran for the movie Madrasile Mon. It was sung by K J Yesudas.

7. Innalekal

Bichu Thirumala also wrote a song beginning with this word and A T Ummar for the move Vaarththa. This was sung by K J

8. Innale Njaan

Devadas wrote very few lyrics and this is one of them. Johnson composed these lines for the movie Sannaham and K J
Yesudas sang it.

9. Innaleyum Njaanoraale

This seems to be the first song starting with this word. Featured in the movie Kalyana Photo, this was written by Vayalar Ramavarma and set to music by K Raghavan whose signature is a touch of folk music. P Suseela sang it.

10. Innale Njaanoru Swapanashalabhamaay

Abhayadev and M S Baburaj teamed up for a few songs and this song sung by S Janaki and Anto is one of them. This was for the movie Sarppakaadu.

11. Innalaththe Sundarippenne

For Kanaaththa Veshangal Vayalar wrote this song and Chidambaranath who gave us some great songs composed it.
This was sung by K J Yesudas.

12. Innale Neeyoru Swapnashalabhamaay

P Bhaskaran seems to be obsessed with using this as the first word. Composed by M S Babauraj and sung by Yesudas this appears in the movie Virunnukaari.

13. Innale Raviloru 

innale raviloru

Another song starting with this word from P.Bhaskaran who used everyday words to create exquisite songs. This was
composed by R K Shekhar (A R Rahmn's father) and sung by S Janaki for the movie Aaradi Manninte Janmi.

14. Innale Enanthu

Madrasile Mon was a hit movie based on a famous murder case. A P Gopalan wrote this song for this movie. It  was
composed by Devarajan and sung by K J Yesudas.

15. Innaleyolavum

This song written by Vayalar Ramavarma and composed by Devarajan was for the movie Darshanam. This was sung by K
J Yesudas.

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