These 7 powerful female characters might inspire You!!!

1. Nirupama Rajeev (How Old Are You)

Manju Warrier as Nirupama Rajeev

How Old Are You was a great come back for the popular Malayalam actress Manju Warrier. Her character Nirupama Rajeev created a wave in the minds of common women in Kerala. The movie directed by Roshan Andrews was appreciable and inspirable for women as it conveys a message that there is no barrier for the dreams of a women and she can achieve it if she tries.

2. Gayathri (Artist)

Ann Augustine in Artist

Ann Augustine played a crucial role in this movie which also starred Fahadh Faasil. Her role Gayathri in this movie, directed by Shyamaprasad, is independent and bold. The film depicts their love, ambition and also the struggle she undergoes to fulfil her husband’s dream. [Google ads]

3. Tessa (22 Female Kottayam)

Rima Kallingal as Tessa

An Aashiq Abu film, which was a suspenseful story, created an impact on the society. The story narrated the life of a nurse in Bangalore, her dreams, love and the life-threatening circumstances faced by her. Rima Kallingal played the lead role in the movie, Tessa. Tessa has been raped brutally and she setback the rapists and the guy who cheated her.

4. Meera (Kalimannu)

Swetha Menon in Kalimannu

Kalimannu was written and directed by Blessy. The movie depicts the story of a bar dancer who turned out to be a film star. Swetha Menon starred the crucial role, Meera, in the movie. Meera’s husband meets with an accident and she wants a child by artificial insemination. She fights for her right and gives birth to her husband’s baby. The movie created great controversies as the actress allowed to shoot her delivery for the movie.

5. Cheeru (Paleri Manikyam)

Swetha Menon in Paleri Manikyam

Swetha Menon had a great role in this movie which narrates a real time story of Manikyam, a young woman. Swetha played the role of Cheeru, the mother-in-law of Manikyam. Cheeru was a bold and beautiful character.

6.Dr. Rohini Pranab (Thira)

Shobana in Thira

Shobhana plays the protagonist, Dr. Rohini Pranab, who is a human rights activists and a cardiology doctor. As usual, she vindicated her role by portraying a strong woman who successfully recovers her abducted children from the care home with the help of youngsters. Character conveys strong message to society against human trafficking.

7. Savithri (August Club)

Rima Kallingal as Savithri in August Club

Rimi Kallingal impersonates the lead role in this movie. She impersonates the role of an inimitable chess player in a chess club and an independent and loving house wife of a caring business executive. The story travels with Savithri meeting a new male member in the club who defeats her in chess.

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