8 Reasons to watch Malayalam Movie Premam

8. Dont get disappointed if your first love is not successful

premam Nivin Pauly Malar Song

90% or more of first love ends up in disaster. As the film progresses you might be thinking about this. But love never ends, another better girl is awaiting for the hero.

7. Well choreographed Songs

Malare Ninne kaanathirunal Song-Premam

Most of the songs in this movie are already well accepted by audience, specially 'Aluva Puzhayorathu'.  'Rockaankuthu','Pathivayi Njan','Malare ninne kaanathirunaal' and 'Scene Contra' songs are very well choreographed.

6. One of the character must be you

Premam flirt gang

If you are a guy, you might see yourself in the movie as Nivin Pauly or one of his supporting cast. Director succeeded in casting all kinds of flirt in the movie very well.

5. You can see one of your teachers from your college.

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One of your teacher might not have the teaching skills, still they are fighting hard to teach you. You can see such kind of a teacher who is trying to teach 'Mava' (Sorry.. Java). Vinay forrt will surprise all of you with his uncanny comedy in the movie.

4. Chicken shop where you dont see real chickens

Premam Kozhikkada

Kozhikada (Chikken shop) is a place where you find all kinds of chickens like 'Girirajan Kozhi', 'Sabu kozhi' in this movie. Yes, this is a local tea shop where all the local flirts get together for wooing the girls.

3. Petrol Price hike

Alphone Puthren Premam

How come petrol price hike is so much dangerous to a Malayalalee? Director, Alphonse Puthren, himself get beaten up for the hike in petrol price at the end of the movie.

2. Malar (Sai Pallavi)

Sai Pallavi as malar in Premam

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Performance of Malar (Sai Pallavi) was outstanding during major part of the film. Her transformation to a dancer during the rehersal brought huge applaudes in the theater and every one feels for her at the end of the film.

1. George David (Nivin Pauly)

He has delivered an outstanding performance and he is definitely one of the must watch talents in the future. On all three phases of the film he has acted well according to the maturity of his role, specially in the second phase he was awesome. You must watch Premam for Nivin Pauly.

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