AIB Knockout- End of Good Mannerism in Bollywood

AIB knockout Roast has spread a sensation around the world after being uploaded in Youtube. The show was actually meant to be funny and create a variety out of all watched shows. But the show created huge waves that engendered many controversies. The programme was hosted by the Bollywood film director Karan Johar and the targeted roasts were Bollywood actors Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. The AIB’s, All India Bakchod had the panel of 8 Tanmay Bhat ,Gursimran Khamba ,Abish Mathew ,Rohan Joshi ,Ashish Shakya ,Raghu Ram , Aditi Mittal and Rajeev Masand. Police FIR was filed against the coordinators of the show for the usage of abusive words.

Using the word ‘f**k’ several times in the middle of a conversation doesn’t mean a worthy or variety programme. Insulting publically and using disrespectful words is kind of barbaric approach and inhumane. A common man cannot digest these kinds of shows that too performed as a stage show. The idea behind the programme was good indeed they should have avoided the usage of contumelious language. This has become a shame for the other Bollywood actors especially the older actors. This show questions the mannerism of all Bollywood actors, whether all of them are of the same way.

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