Extra Marital Affairs in Malayalam movies

1. Cocktail


Cocktail narrted the story of a betraying husband, Ravi Abraham and the drama played with him by his wife and the pitiful husband of the lady, Devi, whom Ravi has affair. The suspence thriller made the audience on pin point. Anoop Menon, Jayasurya, Samvrutha Sunil and Aparna Nair played the lead roles in the movie. The movie does not reveal about the extra marital affair of Ravi with his colleague until the end. Finally Ravi's wife forgives him and they come to know that Devi tries to commit suicide, but unfortunately becomes paralyzed. She is taken care by her husband even after knowing that she will not recover.

2. Traffic


Traffic is a true life story which said the story of many people who ends up to join together for a good job. In the movie Dr. Abel, who celebrates his first wedding anniversary, comes to know about the extra marital affair of his wife with a close friend of him. After knowing the truth, Abel hits his wife with a new car which he brought for her as a gift. She becomes hospitalized and finally feels sorry for what she did and apologize to Abel.

3. Diamond Necklace

Diamond Necklace

Diamond Necklace was a family entertainer, which narrated the life of a reckless young doctor, Arun Kumar, who lives in Dubai. Arun falls in love with a nurse at the hopital and have relation with her, but unfortunately he is forced to marry another girl. He does not like his wife's extrovert behaviour and is feeling annoyed with her. Meanwhile he meets another girl, Maya, who is a patient and relative of his senior doctor. He decides to stay with her due to circumstances and falls in love with her which ends up in physical relations. Maya comes to know that Arun is married and she feels sorry for his wife. The story revolves around the extra marital affairs of Arun and the problems he faces due to being bankrupt.

4. Ore Kadal

Ore Kadal

The movie directed by Shyamaprasad, did not give any direct meassage, but portrays the relationship of a housewife, Deepthi with a world renowned professor Nathan, who also stays in the same building. Nathan does not give importance to relationships and takes the relation with Deepthi, lightly. Deepthi's husband is seeking for a job and is under pressure. He forces Deepthi to get help from Nathan, which leads to a strong relation between them. Deepthi get pregnant from Nathan which affects her mentally.

5. Meghamalhar


Meghamalhar narrated the story of two childhood friends, Rajeevan and Nandita, who meet after years. Rajeevan is married to Rekha and Nandita is married to Mukundan. Rajeevan and Nandita meet coincidentally at first and they meet again and again. They have same tastes and thinkings and Rajeevan mistakes her closeness as love. He opens his feelings to her and she tries avoiding him thereafter. They decides to go for a journey and decides not to meet after then and live as strangers.

6. Pavakoothu


Pavakoothu was a movie that narrated the story of a couple( Jayaram and Parvathy played the roles). Jayaram falls into another relationship with Ranjini and his wife and girlfriend gets pregnant at the same time. He tries to manage them but finally they come to know the truth. Parvathy gets some issues in delivery and baby dies. She come to know that she can never be a mother any more. Mean while Ranjini comes to know about Parvathy and gives her baby to Jayaram and Parvathy and she leaves.

7. Lalitham Hiranmayam

Lalitham Hiranmayam

Lalitham Hiranmayam is a short film which was included in 'Kerala Cafe'. The movie narrated the story of a man, Ramesh, who has an extra marital affair with a girl, Mayi, whom he had to protect due to circumstances. He feels gulity in front of his wife, Lalitha and child, for what he had done, as his wife is very understanding and loveable. He meet with an accident due to tension after realising that the girl is pregnant and confesses to his wife at hospital about his other relation. After his death the two the wives stays together.

8. Arayannangalude Veedu

Arayannangalude Veedu

In the movie Mammootty, Raveendranath, is the second son of a big family. He has one elder brother, Rajendranath, two younger sisters, Sunanda and Geetha and one younger brother, Hari. Geetha's husband is Suresh Nair, who fights with Raveendranath and Geetha always. Later Raveendranath and Geetha comes to know that Suresh has a relation with Hari's wife. But when they finds it out , he puts the mistake on Raveendranath.

9. Ayalathe Adheham

Ayalathe Adheham

Ayalathe Adheham is a story of an unstaisfied wife, Sulochana, who compares her husband, Premachandran, with their neighbour's husband, Rajeevan. She always complains about her husband to learn how Rajeevan loves and cares his wife. But finally she comes to know that Rajeevan keeps extra marital relation with another lady in their colony. This makes Sulochana feel guilty and she becomes happy with her husband.

10. Njaan


Njaan was a Malayalam movie based on the biography of K.T.N Kottur. Dulquer Salman appeared in dual roles as K.T.N Kottoor and Ravi Chandrasekhar. In the story of Kotoor, his life from small age till death is shown. Kottoor gets married to a blind girl, but he will have extra marital affairs with other ladies.

11. Iyobinte Pusthakam

Iyobinte Pusthakam

Iyobinte Pusthakam was a box office successful movie. In the movie Raphel is the wife of Dimitri, who is the eldest son of Iyob. Dimitri is impotent and his wife keeps in relation with his brother Ivan. Dimitri comes to know about their relation and he reacts to it. Ivan kills Dimitri when it ends up in a fight and he continues the relation with Raphel until he comes to know that she was cheating them.

12. Vesham


Vesham is a story of Appu, a man who sacrifies his life for his younger brother, Hari. Hari is married to Revathy. But Appu's enemies tries to attract Hari by making Veni his personal secretary. Hari will have extra marital relationship with Veni and finally finds that he has been cheated.

13. Njanum Ente Familiyum

Njanum Ente Familiyum

The movie narrates the story of Dr. Dinanatha and his family, including his wife Dr. Priya and two kids. Dinanatha unexpectedly meet his ex- girlfriend and comes to know she is the wife of one of his patients. Her husband dies even after successful surgery and care. He finds that all her relatives are against her and she is all alone. He is forced to take care of her and they fall in a relationship thereafter and she becomes pregnant. His wife comes to know about the extra marital affair of Dinanathan and the consequences there after says the movie.

14. Nadan


Nadan is the story of a drama troupe of Devadas Sargavedi. Devadas is married to his co- artist Sudharma and have two daughters. A new girl, Jyothi, comes to their troupe and Devadas falls in love with her after watching her performance. She will be forced to have a relation with him and they continues it for some long. Sudharma comes to know this and she leaves house with children. Later when Jyothi gets offers from film and she leaves the drama troupe and Devadas feels lost.

15. You Too Brutus

You Too Brutus

You Too Brutus narrated the story of a some youngsters and a man Hari who is a painter and rents his house to some youngster and put himself into trouble. Abhi, Hari's brother is married to Aparna and lives away from Hari. Abhi falls attracted to Sherly, a singer and model who wishes to grow in career. Abhi maintains an extra marital affair with Sherly, but his wife comes to know about it and leaves him. The story revolves around love and lost love of differetn people.

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