Five Reasons To Watch Mohanlal's ‘Oppam’ FDFS

‘Oppam’, Mohanlal’s Onam release is a crime thriller scripted and directed by master director Priyadarsan based on the story by Govind Vijayan. The movie is all set to hit theatres on September 8.  Here we list the five reasons to watch the movie ‘Oppam’ FDFS.

1. Mohanlal’s Malayalam Movie after 11 Months


Yes, this is Lalettan’s Malayalam movie after a gap of 11 months. His last outing was ‘Kanal’, which was released in October 2015. Meanwhile, movies like ‘Vismayam’ and ‘Janatha Garage’ was released recently, but these movies were dubbed from Telugu. In ‘Oppam’ Lalettan is playing the character of Jayaraman, a blind lift operator who is being falsely accused of a murder case. Then Jayaraman tried in his own way to find the killer to prove his innocence.

2. Priyadarsan – Mohanlal Combo

Five-Reasons-To-Watch-oppam-FDFS priyadarsan-mohanlal

Priyadarsan Mohanlal combo is considered as the all-time hit duo in the Malayalam film industry. Priyadarsan has associated with Mohanlal in 29 films and most of them were blockbusters. ‘Boeing Boeing’, ‘Chithram’, ‘Killukam’, ‘Thenmavin Kombath’ etc. are considered as some of the best works of Mohanlal - Priyadarsan duo. Thus, we can expect an extraordinary film again from this combo in this season.

3. A Spectacular Trailer

Five-Reasons-To-Watch-oppam-FDFS poster

The trailer of this movie was highly impressive and one of the best trailer in recent times. So that, we can expect a decent thriller with a fresh theme. Alphonse Puthren has done the editing of trailer. There is a shot in the trailer, which shows us how blind people know time from their watch and how it works. This shot can be considered as the reply from the director to those who trolled him that why should a blind man wear a watch.

4. Baby Meenakshi and Anusree

Five-Reasons-To-Watch-oppam-FDFS anusree meenakshi

Baby Meenakshi, who steals the show as Pathu in previous year blockbuster ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’ is playing an important role along with Mohanlal in this movie. Sensational actress Anusree plays Ganga, Assistant Commissioner of Police. Anusree has on another Onam release, ‘Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho’.

5. Strong Star Cast

Five-Reasons-To-Watch-oppam-FDFS mohanlal vimala raman mamukkoya

The film has an ensemble star cast of Mohanlal, Vimala Raman, Anusree, Samuthirakani, Baby Meenakshi, Nedumudi Venu, Mamukkoya, Arjun Nandhakumar, Renji Panicker and Chemban Vinod Jose and this is a definite reason to watch this movie. These actors can surely make an Onam feast for us in theatre.


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