Christmas Releases 2015 - Who is the winner?

The year 2015 has been a defining year in the history of Malayalam Cinema. Both Box Office collections and Satellite rights acquisition has reached new heights. Every one can see how fans promote their hero's film for more records and how big the role of Social media in defining the fate of a movie. 2015 Christhmas season was no exception to this. Four movies released on this season and regardless of quality of films boxoffice witnessed how fans promotes their films. Here we try to give a honest reviews about these four films. Boxoffice records never tells how good a film is.

1. Charlie 

Charlie Malayalam Movie Christmas Release

Dulquer Salmaan and Parvathy starring Charlie made big news before its release. As Premam became a huge hit, fans were really prepared to make this movie a block buster. It is good that the people who work hard behind each cinema gets paid. But false promotions and over hype of the movie really kills the integrity of new generation media. Charlie is a feel good movie which tells the story of a carefree character Charlie. Though it was mentioned many times that it is a romantic movie, the audience never get a feel of romance. It never inspires you even though it has some social message to help others. The film has give over importance to her character which was really not needed as it was already mentioned in the first part of the film. You may futher interest to watch the film once interval starts. This is a movie made only for Dulquer fans.

Positives -  You can watch it for the one time, just for Parvathy and Jomon's cinematography.

Negatives - Loose screenplay, over importance of hero really irritating sometimes.Scripts never demanded a strong performance from any of the characters.

Ratings - 2.5 out of 5

2. Two Countries

Two Countries Malayalam Movie Christmas Release

Two countries is the true winner of this Christmas season. If you are looking for a complete entertainer with your family you can watch this on theater. With decent comdey and a story it really entertain the audiences. Dileep came back with his usual mode with very good comedy sequences. Mamta also done her role really well. Other support casts also chip in with some good performances. You can see Suraj Venjaranmoodu without any vulgar comedy. You must really laugh after seeing Mukesh Dileep combo's comedy scene in the second half. First 15-20 minutes of movie may be bit lagging but after that there is unstoppable laugh riot.

Positives - Comedy, Comedy, Comedy

Negatives - bit lagging in first 15 minutes. Statutory warning logo has to be shown in many scenes

Ratings - 3.5 out of 5

3. Adi Kapyara Koottamani

Adi Kapyare Kottamani Malayalam Movie Christmas Release

Adi Kapyare Kootamani tells the story of hostel life with young actor in lead. Directors could have added more imagination to the plot as the horror, suspense and comedy mixes sometimes. Male leading actors performed well at times in the movie but the heroine disappoints with her not so promising performance. Some of the comedies were irritating as audiences has heard it over and over again. More dialogue focused comedy really takes the film forward, but it does not make any amusement to audiences. Mukesh and Biju Kuttan played their role really well. Dhyan Sreenivasan has to prove his mettle in comedy roles. Neeraj and Aju Varghese wont disappoint you.

Positives - Hostel life comedies, Biju Kuttan and Mukesh

Negatives -  Dhyan Sreenivasan, Climax

Ratings - 2 out of 5

4. Jo and the Boy

Jo and the Boy Malayalam Movie Christmas Release

This films might find better likings amoung the kids rather than matured audiences. The film contains lots of motivational liners which is really good but it doent make the entire story interesting.  You will be disappointed after watching film because it never gives you anything fresh during its runtime. Manju warrier is too stereo type these days, but she has a different get up in this movie. Manju Warrier delievered a decent performance nothing extra ordinary. Overally this film is not satisfying.

Positives - Knowledge about Character Animation

Negatives - Screenplay, Too much seriousness in the story

Ratings - 1.5 out of 5

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