Most overrated bollywood films in recent times

Soon after the release of the big budget movies in Bollywood, I have seen people talk about breaking the box office records. Nowadays, movies are meant to be made for breaking the all- time records. If you think logically or think as a true movie fan, do you think all these movies are good enough to make such big waves in the current scenario? Let us take a look at some of the films which has broken records without much substance in it.

1. PK (2014)

It is obvious that stars make Bollywood films. Same story told by two directors with different cast which resulted an entirely different outcome; I am talking about PK and ‘Oh My God’. PK is a good to watch film, conveys a message to a society, disappointed me by the overacting of Aamir Khan. Since we haven’t seen any alien yet, no one can complain. Do you think PK is as good as making such an impact?


2.Dhoom 3(2013)

It had broken all box office records Pheeww… Much hyped, Dhoom 3 disappoints the audience with its predictable and loose screenplay. Director’s attempt to surprise the viewers with the second role of Aamir Khan backfired as the surprise revealed well before the release. Film was good for watching one time due to its visual effects and has nothing to be an all-time blockbuster.


3. Dabangg 2

We must appreciate Arbaaz khan for his non sense attempt to do a sequel to Dabaang , which was no way near to the first episode of the series. It was just made for Salman Khan fans. Another film which has broken all records without strong story or direction. I would say, Director failed to keep the audience engaged.

dabangg 2

4. Happy New year

Another superstar film and another blockbuster. It is really painful to see how audience appreciates star power rather than the substance in the movie. Film has nothing to offer other than some songs or dance sequences. Farah khan once again proves that she is not going to let his brother alone in the race of worst film making.

happy new year

5. Jab Tak Hai Jaan

With all due respect to the legendary director Yash chopra, he failed to impress the audience in his last film. The romantic movie is just worth for one time watch that had the final touch of the great filmmaker Yash Chopra. Logic is the missing of Jab Tak Hai Jaan. JTHJ reminds you of many past films in Bollywood and it was a twisted story in the second half, which questions your common sense.

Jab tak hai jaan

6. Chennai Express

Intended to create a comedy film, Rohit Shetty ended up on delivering an awful drama. We can see aging Shahrukh khan was struggling to make impact on the action scenes and he was outperformed by the leading actress. Rohit Shetty followed a new way to create comedy by spoofing the south Indian culture in this movie. It is a real shame that the movie went on to become another block buster.

Chennai Express

7. Sarkar

I was never so excited and suddenly disappointed by watching an Amitabh Bachchan movie. Ram Gopal Varma again created dreadful movie featuring Big B, set against the back drop of Mumbai. If you are a true fan of ‘GodFather’, it would be painful to see its Indian masala depiction.


8. Ramleela

Like RGV, Sanjay Leela Bansaali is trying to establish himself as mediocre director degraded from a great one. Film lacks to portray the intensity of violence though it’s dialogues and Ranveer’s body show stole the show. There is no doubt that the film is a visual treat but both director and lead actor disappoints the audience. Deepika , senior artists and cinematography were the highlights of this movie.


9. Bodyguard

Another excellent script turned into a disappointing one. When remade in Bollywood shows the lack of adaptabilities of the director. Bodyguard is the remake of one of the Malayalam blockbusters. It fared well in box office but disappoints the neutral audiences.


10. Krrish 3

I would say Krrish is a disastrous attempt to portray an Indian super hero in the stature of Batman or Superman. You will be insulted yourself several times while you watch this movie, which was filled with illogical sequences and boring acting.

Krrish 3

There are lot of other films which have tasted success without any support of strong story or good direction. As it says, this is India, anything happens here.

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