8 Malayalam actresses who shine in the Business world

Being a business lady is not as simple as that. Especially to look after and maintain a venture is difficult in between other busy schedules. And when it is owned by a celebrity the security and expectation level is much higher. Here are our actresses who decided to take up the responsibilities as a business woman.

1. Poornima Indrajith

Decorating our self is the most satisfactory part for a woma. The charming lady has started her designing venture, Pranaah, some years ago. Pranaah gets the name from the name of two little princesses, Praarthana and Nakshatra, of the beautiful couple Indrajith and Poornima. Pranaah provides the signature collections by Poornima. Pranaah also claims to be the first ever celebrity designer boutique in Kerala. Poornima had quit acting after marriage and appears in some television shows thereafter. She is now busy with her undertaking.

2. Kavya Madhavan

Kavya Madhavan who has been into acting for years decided to become a business woman. She started an online boutique ‘Laksyah’. Laksyah provides an exclusive collection for ladies. Ladies can make their purchase online. To be a business woman was a dream come true for Kavya. She says Laksyah is a family business as her parents, brother and sister-in-law is also involved in it. A woman always love to see her beautiful and Kavya says she has to be careful while choosing her attire now.

3. Lena

Lena, the bold and beautiful lady on screen has opened a fitness center. The venture named ‘Aakruti’ provides the best possible ways for reducing your weight and become slim and young. It was her friend Lousia David, physiotherapist, who helped to lose her weight. Lena was indeed happy and they planned to start this venture of slimming center with the guidance of expert physiotherapist.

4. Kaniha

Kaniha, who took over the hearts of Malayalees, is a native of Tamil Nadu. The Chennai girl has stepped into a new business of health care. She started a franchise of MedAll Care Diagnostic Center in Chennai. To be a doctor was a great ambition of Kaniha at her childhood. This may be the reason which led her to open a health care center.

5. Jomol

Jomol, who disappeared from movies after her marriage, is now much active in television shows. She was busy with her personal life all this time and now has come out with all potentials. She started a new online gift shop, ‘Makeitspecial’. Gift your loved ones with special gifts. Make your gift the remembering one for them; this is what the aim of Makeitspecial means. Gift them a beautiful trip, a stay at five star hotels or a day in house boat etc. One can book these at Makeitspecial and surprise their loved ones. The website has tie-up with some prominent hotels, tourisms and house boats.

6. Shwetha Menon

The gorgeous and bubbly Shwetha Menon has turned into business and she says her decision is not a surprise for her loved ones, as she had the plan to start a business from long back. She admits that she is a foodie and loves to try out good foods. Shwetha Menon started a restaurant, in Dubai, named ‘Shwe’s Delight’. She was called Shwe in between her friends circle. Shwe’s Delight serves hot North Indian cuisines and also a mix of Chinese.

7. Rima Kallingal:

Rima Kallingal came into films through a dance competition. She is a wonderful dancer, but did not get any movies to show her talent as a dancer. But in real life she achieved it and started a dance school ‘Mamangam’.

8. Mallika Sukumaran

Mallika Sukumaran has turned out to be a business woman now. She started a restaurant at ‘Spice Boat’ at Doha, Qatar. Spice Boat is multi-cuisine restaurant, mainly to spread the taste of India in Qatar. She is planning to expand her business in near future.

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