Ten Malayalam music composers who have scored a century

What a wonderful feeling it should be to sit in a train or a bus and realize that the song sung by some stranger around was composed by you. We can only feel jealous of those who get that feeling. All popular composers get this bliss everyday. Here are some of them who have composed more that a hundred songs.

1. G Devarajan.

G Devarajan Malayalam Music Composer

Devarajanm, the master of melodies, began his career in films with the songs in Kalam Marunnu in 1955. The coarse but melodious voice that we hear in “Balikudeerangale.....” belongs to him. He was Johnson's guru.

2. Shyam

Shyam Malayalam Music Composer

Shyam began his career in composition with the songs in Manayashree Viswamithran in 1974. Felxibility is his hallmark and he is adept in catchy tunes.

3. A T Ummar

AT Ummar Malayalam Music Composer

In I967 A T Ummar composed the songs for Thalirukal which became and instant hit. He has also composed songs for the theatre.

4. Arjunan

Arjunan Master Malayalam Music Composer

A R Rahman used to be more with Arjunan than with his own father and the two have a great respect for each other now. Arjunan's first movie was Karuththa Pournami in 1968. He was lucky to have composed so many great lyrics penned by Vayalaar.

5. Dakshinamoorthy.

Dakhinamurthy Malayalam Music Composer

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Starting with the songs in Nallathanka way back in 1950, Dakshinamoorthy he composed many semi classical songs and melodies in a style which was hard to imitate. He insight and acumen in musical notes are surprising.

6. Johnson

johnson master Malayalam Music Composer

Unschooled but not untrained in classical music, Johnson used his guitar and harmonium to compose many melodies in Malayalam and encouraged many new players giving them excellent melodies to launch their career. Anuraginee is just a random selection. His daughter also has become a composer. His first movie was Inayeththedi in 1981.

7. Raveendran

Raveendran Malayalam Music Composer

Rejected as a singer, Raveendran became a dubbing artist and then composed his famous challenging song “Thaarake Mizhiyithalil Kanneerumaayi” for Yesudas in Choola in 1979. After th is for a long time he was a hit maker and composed songs with a classical touch. His Onam songs brought out by Tharangini are quite famous even now.

8. M G Radhaakrishnan

MG Radhakrishnan Malayalam Music Composer

Brother of M G Sreekumar, M G Radhakrishan composed the songs in Thampu in 1978. He developed and pursued his own style of music which was very close to classical songs but still highly melodious. The songs in Manichithrathaazhu and Ananthashayanam are typical examples. The famous song Ghanashyaamasandhyahrudayam was also composed by him.

9. M S Baburaj

MS Baburaj Malayalam Music Composer

Perched on the wings of Hindustani music Baburaj composed many beautiful songs starting with the ones in Minnaminung in 1957. He enriched the music in Malayalam films keeping himself impoverished. His great music comes from his greater heart, his friends say.

10. Ouseppachan

Ouseppachan Malayalam Music Composer

A violinist who has played violin for quite a large number of songs, Ouseppachan's first movie venture was Kaathodu Kaathoram in 1985. He continues to be active in the world of music with his sweet compositions and sweeter disposition.

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