You will never forget these supporting characters in Premam

You will never forget these supporting characters in Premam

As Nivin Pauly starrer Premam is making news everywhere, it is expected to become the biggest blockbuster in the Malayalam Cinema History. Alphonse Puthren directed this Romantic movie tells the story about George David and his love affairs in the three phases of his life. Eventhough George and Malar stole the limelight, you will never forget few number of characters in this movie. Here, we list some of those characters those made you laugh or forced you to accept their performaces with huge applause in the theater.

1. Koya (Krishna Shankar)

Koya, one of the close friends of George who was studying with him from his Pre-Degree, aids George to make decisions on his love affairs. Krishna Shankar is doing this role with much calm and mischief of an youngster. Later he married to a hindu girl, which was a love marriage.

2. Sambu (Sabareesh Varma)

Sambu, another close friend of George, make a unique trio of best friends. He is a music lover and later become a music composer and a singer in the movie. Sabareesh varma made this role memorable. He is the actual Music composer of this movie and also sung some of the songs.

3. David (Renji Panicker)

Veteran Script writer Renji Panicker only appears for 5 minutes in the film but he has rocked with a stellar performance. He plays the role of George's Father, who meet College Principal when called for George's misbehaviour. Audience accepted his performaces with great applause.

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4. Girirajan Kozhi (Sharafudeen)

Girirajan Kozhi has an extended performance in the film. He appears at the first part as a flirt , who try to woo Mary (George's first love) and in the last part as a flirt again. His arabic filled love proposal to Mary was making laughter riot at the theater. At the later part we can see him looking for suitable ladies for marriages by himself and through marriage broker. Sharafudeen has done this role with great command.

5. Vimal Sir (Vinay Fortt)

Vinay fortt made the role of a Java Sir (Vimal) excellent by showcasing a mediocre teacher with not much knowledge in the subjects. Nowadays in colleges we can find such kind of teachers who does not have required knowledge to teach. Vimal sir also has a crush on Malar and wishes to marry her. He delivers an excellent performance as a self doubted, fearful, and inferior person. His dialogue regarding the Sabarjelly estate in Ootty and 'Ennavale adi ennavale' song sequences were hilarious.

6. Jojo (Wilson Joseph)

Jojo is an acquaintant of George who appears in all three phases of the movie. In the second part he rescues George and his friends in a dancing competition when a participant disappears. In the last phase he is seen as an assistant to George in his Cafe 'Cafe Agape'. His introduction scene, when Giriraja kozhi proposes Mary, was also very interesting.

7. P.T Mash Sivan (Soubin Shahir)

Another supporting actor who brings roars of laughter in the theater, with his chemistry with the lecturer Vimal sir, was P.T Master . He is an advisor to Vimal sir. His 'Chillumkoodu' steps when he was teaching dance to Vimal sir and canteen scenes were awesome. Soubin Sahir handled this role very well.

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8. Lonappan Chettan (Dinesh Nair)

Dinesh Nair appears as Lonappan Chettan, a college canteen owner in the second phase. Interestingly he appears in all three phases of film, even though he has a small role. At first part he was seen as an ice seller and in the third part he attends George's marriage with his family.

9. Dolly D'Cruz (Jude Anthany Joseph)

Ohm Shanti Osana director Jude Antony Joseph surprised every one with his irresponsible, freak dance master. His dance steps and look in the film were interesting. 

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