9 movie review: not really a fresh concept on its core

9 movie review: not really a fresh concept on its core

There is a lack of flexibility in the way Prithviraj has acted in some of his recent films. Movies like Ranam and Koode managed to give him characters that broke that tone but with 9 he goes back to his clichéd zone of emoting drama and the movie 9 also imbibes the same stiffness from its hero. With an extremely dramatic plot getting stretched out in a dull way, this visual grandeur is very thin in terms of freshness in content.

Albert is an astrophysicist and he has a son named Adam. As Albert lost Annie, Adam’s mother when she gave birth to Adam, there is a tension in the relationship of this father and son. Meanwhile, a global event happens at that point of time when a comet comes nearby earth causing a global shutdown as nothing that needs electrical power would work at that point. The movie talks about the events that happen with Albert and Adam when they leave the Himalayas to document this global event.

On its core, 9 is not really a fresh concept. The varied application of the plot twist here has happened previously and Arikil Oraal featuring Indrajith is one such experiment which never boasted about its ambitions. This fantasy was actually a movie that had the scope to be minimalistic global event film, but Jenuse Mohamed the director and writer of the film weren’t really interested in that aspect. Looking at the way Albert explained to his colleagues how these 9 days could bring us back to the stone age, I hoped this film would be looking at those practicality problems. But sadly by shifting the story to the Himalayas, Jenuse makes it a very simplistic psychological horror film.

The visual sense of the director Jenuse Mohamed is really commendable. But what is underwhelming is his inability to write a script that feels genuine and fresh in totality. The borrowed feel of many elements in the movie takes away its novelty and the cinematic liberty isn’t taken here to produce something that we won’t predict. At one point it almost felt like the makers forgot the fact that it is a movie based on a global event. The brilliant visuals by Abhinandan Ramanujam are almost stranded here in the midst of unconvincing plot development. The music and background score are okay, but it doesn’t create much of an impact. The visuals effects are pretty basic.

Prithviraj should definitely consider reinventing his stock expressions when it comes to movies like 9, Adam Joan etc. An actor of his caliber with this much body of work shouldn’t get criticized for lack of range and that is something he should work on. The graceless dialogues were rendered dramatically by the actor. Master Alok was fine as Adam. Wamiqa Gabbi manages to add charm to a weakly written Ava. Both Prakash Raj and Mamta Mohandas has very little to do here.

9 is an exhausting experience. It might be a first of its kind experience for the industry and may not be a fresh experience for the viewers who have accessibility to vast global content. The writing here is too weak to make anything in the film exciting for us.