Aadu 2 review: a funny movie that bestrides the first part

Aadu 2 review: a funny movie that bestrides the first part

If you compare the first part and the second part, Aadu 2 is pretty much superior to its first part. The first film over cooked its jokes and exceeded the tolerance limit of being slapstick and this time Midhun Manuel Thomas made sure he doesn’t do that to his set of characters. With a similar story along with memorable scenes, Aadu 2 is entertaining for sure.

After what we have seen in the first film, life hasn’t changed much for Shaji Pappan and gang. The usual set of problems and happiness was there. And much like the first film, instead of Neela Koduveli a new thing becomes the centre of attraction of all the gangs and Aadu 2 shows us the chaos and confusions that unfold when Pappan gets dragged into it.

The genre is obviously slap stick so hoping for logic is a big mistake. The first part was also on the same zone but like I already mentioned, they just over did it. The fact that this film has got more memorable scenes when compared to the first part makes it even more engaging. Instead of depending on character build-ups, Midhun uses nicely written humorous scenes. That Ramayan costume episode was outrageously funny.

Even though the physical stunt level comedy isn’t working completely the wits in dialogues helps the movie a lot. Midhun Manuel Thomas who has the advantage in writing such dialogues makes the most of it. The story this time is pretty similar to the first one in terms of structure with only certain changes. Good cinematography and controlled cuts makes it crisper. Shaan Rahman hasn’t delivered a memorable song this time.

Versatile actor Jayasurya once again shows his calibre in portraying the heroics and funny part in his reprisal of Shaji Pappan. Vijay Babu as Sarbath Shameer and Saiju Kurup as Arakkal Abu were also good. The two people who will easily win your hearts are Dharmajan and Vinayakan with their impeccable comedy timing. Sunny Wayne this time has a role that doesn’t have the old charisma. Almost all the other characters in the first movie are there.

With an okay story that has ample moments to make its audience laugh, Aadu 2 is a better entertainer. Fans of the first part of this franchise will definitely enjoy it and even those who hated it might find this as a watchable one.