Aakashamittayee - A family drama with a message

Aakashamittayee movie review

If having a message is your only concern about a family drama, Aakashamittayee starring Jayaram is one movie you would find enjoyable. The film deals with the issues in parenting. While the issue it addresses has relevance, the making here is very amateurish. This remake of the 2016 Tamil film Appa is filled with unreal characters and cartoonish behaviors.

The hero here is a middle-class parent. When he is blessed with a baby boy, he decides to raise him in a way where he won’t have a restriction to his dream. He offers him all the freedom and support. But his colleague, on the other hand, was a strict parent who forced his kid to be number one everywhere. By showing the contrast of both these type of parenting and ultimately telling us which one is the best.

The content of the movie is addressing the issue in an extremely peripheral way. The characterizations are aiming to touch the extremities of imagination. Bollywood’s Taare Zameen Par and Malayalam’s Makante Achan etc. were movies that dealt with the same issue. But the problem here is that the makers are trying to portray the film like an amateurish drama. The original movie was criticized mainly for its extreme melodrama and when it came to Malayalam they haven’t made any adjustment in the tone of the narration.

Two actors in the movie played their characters in a better way when compared to the original. Jayaram as the cool dad and Kalabhavan Shajon as the strict dad performed better than Samuthirakani and Thambi Ramaiah respectively. The child artists are not able to carry the heft of sloppy drama in the writing. The other prominent names in the cast include Sarayu, Iniya, Irshad, Anil Murali and a few more.

Directors Samuthirakani and M Padmakumar are reluctant to change the movie’s sensibility to match with that of the Malayalam audience. The scenes are rendered in an extremely theatrical way. The message of the film may be relevant, but the unreal approach is something that makes this movie a least affecting experience. The amount of advice and the overflowing goodness in writing makes the content more and more unreal and tough to digest. The cinematography was fine while the music department wasn’t that great.

For those who have seen Samuthirakani’s Appa and have felt that the movie is a good one, Aakashamittayee might not disappoint you completely. I felt it as an average preachy one and this Malayalam version is below that movie for sure.