Aalorukkam review: a fine film with honest intentions

Aalorukkam review: a fine film with honest intentions

When you look at what the film is trying to address, the film Aalorukkam is a movie with honest intentions. It is a story that starts off as an elderly father’s journey to find his long lost son. But the movie shapes into a different league after a while and the content here does manage to leave an impact. VC Abhilash’s movie is not devoid of melodrama, but the lecturing part is considerably small in this movie with quality performances.

Pappu Pisharody, a Thullal artist one day decided to go to a particular town as he had an intuition in his head that his son Sajeevan who left home 16 years back was there. The old man got admitted in a hospital managed by some kind souls and the people there offered to help him. Aalorukkam is largely focusing on what happens after Pappu Pisharody gets reunited with his son.

There are no gimmicks of being an offbeat movie in Aalorukkam. The movie is somewhat successful in showing the reluctance of the seemingly progressive people. VC Abhilash builds the movie in a different route and then makes a sharp detour to focus the issues of the LGBT people. The character of Pappu Pisharody changes drastically from what he was in the first half of the movie and this shows us the level hypocrisy in character behaviour.

Indrans spear heads the movie with his subtle acting skills. He shapes the character and understands the conflict nicely and his Thullal artist transformation was superb as he portrayed the man with humor sense effortlessly. Sreekanth Menon who did the role of Sajeevan also deserves an appreciation for not making the delicate character offered to him a caricature. Among the other members in the cast Vishnu Agasthya and Sita Bala delivered notable performances.

The plot here is the major USP of Aalorukkam. The multiple conflicts give the movie more challenging attire. The preachy feel and melodrama are indeed demerits of the film. There are areas where the writer director had to make the characters give a speech about the problems they face and I felt that should have been averted. The climax of the film is also focusing on having a proper conclusion rather than an open end one. The music of the movie was really good.

Within a single story, Aalorukkam addresses multiple issues without losing the essence of both the conflicts. The making is somewhat fine and the performances are truly appreciable. And thus the movie stays in your headspace for a while.