Abhiyude Kadha Anuvinteyum review: a cheesy romantic film

Abhiyude Kadha Anuvinteyum review: a cheesy romantic film

Having an issue that needs to be addressed as the central conflict of a movie is indeed a good thing. But a movie becomes enjoyable and engaging of that is scripted properly and made with conviction. Abhiyude Kadha Anuvinteyum directed by B R Vijayalakshmi is a movie that is filled with cluttered melodrama that annoys you to the core.

Abhi works in a corporate sector and his family is a rich one. Anu is a free bird and she is an online sensation. Within a span of only a few days these two meet, fall in love and got married. An ethical conflict appears in front of them only in after Anu gets pregnant and the movie talks about that conflict and how they deal with that.

The first half of the movie is absurd. The millennial characters of this movie look really shallow and fake. The hastiness in their decision making shows how less the writer and director know this generation.  Without any real sense they are diving into a long term relationship and in the second half when the mother of the hero, who on the first place blessed the couple, criticizes them for the rashness. And to add more to the peripheral exploration, the heroine here is like the pinnacle of kindness and goodness.

Tovino Thomas has tried his best to make the proceedings look real. The first half was sort of okay in terms of his performance, but in the second half everything becomes so unreal, even Tovino struggles. Pia Bajpai’s performance is loud and cringe-worthy. Suhasini, Rohini and Prabhu appears in important roles, but they have hardly anything there to perform.

BR Vijayalakshmi, the director of this movie is the first woman cinematographer from Asia. The film making taste of Vijayalakshmi is sadly old school with no real interest in being authentic in scene creation or in being technically perfect. The film shot becomes a mobile clip and the shot of one person taking a selfie becomes the selfie are certain lame mistakes one can easily spot in this film. Like I said the millennial perception of the screenplay writer Uday Mahesh is very peripheral and honestly it’s tough to sit through a story that doesn’t give a sensibility to characters. Cinematography of the movie is disappointing considering two facts, the director is a cinematographer and Santosh Sivan is an executive producer of the film. The music wasn’t that great either.

Abhiyude Kadha Anuvinteyum is for those people who might still watch some of the old cheesy romantic films with melodrama and sentimental dialogues. Here, BR Vijayalakshmi applies these ingredients to a story that doesn’t take any effort to make its protagonists real and sensible.