Adventures of Omanakuttan review; a watchable experiment

Adventures of Omanakuttan review; a watchable experiment

If it was in an episode like format, Adventures of Omanakuttan would have made a good impact on viewers. The character of Omanakuttan and his backdrop is so mysterious and surprising that you will have a curiosity to go behind him. But the movie is way too long because of some stretched out subplots and that drags the movie backwards.

An introvert Omanakuttan is our hero. He can’t face girls and he is that shy person who is avoided by almost everyone. So one day Omanakuttan decides to break that image and starts to do things that weren’t really his way of approaching. But in the midst of this he loses memory after an accident. The film is actually about his attempts along with a girl named Pallavi to know who he really was.

The length is indeed a big minus here. A lot of events are happening in this entire film and each subplot has the length of an episode in a TV series. The unpredictability of Omanakuttan is in the fact that it drifts away from a climax by creating new twists and turns. The first half of the movie is entirely roaming around the geeky hero. The second half is fast paced, but it has a never ending feel because of the numerous revelations in the story.

Asif Ali succeeds in depicting the character’s dual shade in the film very effectively. Bhavana manages to say her dialogues very naturally creating genuine humour. Siddique was very effective in the semi comical role. Kalabhavan Shajon was good. The supporting cast has names like Aju Varghese, VK Prakash, Saiju Kurup, Adithi Ravi and a few more.

The making has certain fresh perspective for sure, but they should have reduced the content so that we could have an idea about what all things are happening on screen. When the movie starts to emphasize more on the areas that has Pallavi, it loses its focus and that sort of messes up the plan. The narrative needed a little more aggression. When you try to look into the character of Omanakuttan, we won’t have a clear answer on whether he is an innocent or a badass. Frames were good. Edits lacked rhythm in the second half. Music was okay.

Adventures of Omanakuttan is way too long and it seems like it has some unresolved questions by the end of all those elaborate events. It’s an experiment that is watchable or sure.