Akashaganga 2 Review: another horror film you can laugh off

Akashaganga 2 Review: another horror film you can laugh off

What if the horror sequences in a movie are making you laugh out loud and the comedy bits are giving you chills? That’s the perfect way to describe director Vinayan’s latest film Akashaganga 2, a sequel to his own hit 1999 film. The climax conversation between the ghost and the black magician in this movie is like the best case example of unintentional comedy. Akashaganga 2 is that movie where you will have a good time laughing at the things the director placed to scare you.

Arathi, an MBBS student is our central protagonist and she is the daughter of Maya of the first movie. Barring a few people, almost everyone in Arathi’s family met with mysterious deaths. So after 20 years, Arathi sets the spirit free again after listening to the ghost when she went to a black magician who gave her a chance to speak to her late mother. What happens post that is the story of Akashaganga 2 dealing with.

A dead body coming alive in an anatomy lab is a passing comedy according to director Vinayan. The props of the script are extremely clichéd. The heroine will do something that has been forbidden and will let the ghost come out, nobody except the audience will understand the tone change in the behavior of the heroine and the usual traditional black magic chaos is there in the climax. Balachandra Menon was one director who in my opinion failed miserably to understand the current generation and Vinayan also joins that list by making them look hollow. He could have at least asked Sreenath Bhasi to read the script and give feedback. The comedy of this movie is the most desperate one and it will test your tolerance.

Akashaganga 2 is solid proof that it wasn’t Vinayan’s inability to get good actors and technicians which lead to disasters like Yakshiyum Njanum, Little Superman, Dracula, etc. The writing was shoddy for those films and that outdated shoddy writing gets repeated in this movie as well. You can clearly see how they are trying to utilize the legacy of a super hit horror film to fool the audience and make money. Vinayan seems to be really unaware of the fact that the audiences have moved on and they are even calling a conjuring a cliché. The graphics used in the movie are pathetic and the quality of the horror makeup is tackier than Halloween costumes. On the technical side, aspects like cinematography and editing are struggling to lift this mediocre creation.

Veena Nair as Arathi gets good support via dubbing and thus her badly written role looks suitable for the dramatic tone of the film. Vishnu Vinay is still finding it tough to emote. Vishnu Govindan is the forgettable comedy sidekick. Poor Sreenath Bhasi is a useless and pointless addition to the star cast of the movie. Salim Kumar, Hareesh Kanaran, Dharmajan, etc makes sure there is enough of sickening comedy. And if that doesn’t give you a headache, there is Senthil Krishna who will surely give you migraine Ramya Krishnan plays the role of the black magician and it’s a cakewalk for someone like her. Hareesh Peradi, Sunil Sukhada, Praveena, Thesni Khan, Riyas, etc are there in the long list of characters.

Akashaganga 2 is for those who are least familiar with the horror genre. The off-screen horror of a movie like this getting made is the actual horror that really scared me. Some movies are so bad that you might find them enjoyable, like Vinayan’s own Dracula. Akashaganga 2 also falls under that category.