Ayaal Sassi Review : It won’t disappoint you for sure

Ayaal Sassi Review : It won’t disappoint you for sure

Sajin Baabu’s first film was an offbeat movie named Unto The Desk. His second film is a social satire titled Ayaal Sassi and it is a very interesting sarcastic approach that teases the weird obsessions of the modern day society. Making has the element of realism and sarcasm to make Ayaal Sassi an engaging watch.

Sasi Namboothiri, a painting artist is a resident of Trivandrum. He has his own social circle and he is an attention seeker. He does all the weird things to get attention. Due to ill health, he is forced to leave the city and go back to his home. During that resting phase news about a digital coffin attracts him and the movie Ayaal Sassi is basically revolving around the changes that happen to his life after the arrival of the coffin.

Ayaal Sassi is over the top only because its genre demands that kind of exaggeration in its setup. AT the same time the treatment of the movie is in that sensible real zone. Sajin Baabu is actually teasing us by asking certain questions which we don’t really give much time to think about. The majority of this movie is taking a dig at the hypocritical stand of religion in many matters. The coffin here acts as a metaphor that sort of introduces various laughable aspects of the modern day life. The weirdness of the character gets utilized to show the audience their own insecurities and deficiencies.  The offbeat treatment never makes this movie a less engaging movie.

Sreenivasan physically has taken a lot of effort to look like our main protagonist Sasi. His performance was quiet organic and to be honest the off screen Sreenivasan and on screen Sasi looks much similar. The movie is always lingering around Sasi and the rest of the cast has people like Rajesh Sharma, Anil Nair, Divya Gopinath, SP Sreekumar, Kochu Preman and a few more delivering their realistic best.

Sajin Baabu presents his second movie without any sort complications in the narrative structure. Through metaphors and cunning dialogue counters he establishes the sarcasm. The script completely succeeds in mocking the religious side while there are other portions in the movie which were only touched. Pappu has done an impressive job behind the camera keeping the movie in an engaging zone.

Ayaal Sassi is not the usual entertainer cinema. But if you have the patience to invest in the offbeat treatment of this film, the end result won’t disappoint you for sure. It explores the insecurities of all of us in a fair enough way.