Bobby Review : It will test your patience and sense

Bobby Malayalam Movie Review

The Tamil movies had this habit of being ridiculous in approaching to its stories. They will have bizarre stories built around plot points that make no real sense. Bobby, the new Malayalam film directed by Shebi is one similar film where they are trying to make a romantic film and a fun film over a very fragile platform that has no real love attached to it. The age gap between the lead pair was the curiosity generator, but at the end, that aspect also gets ruined.

21-year-old Bobby who was thrown out of Seminary comes back to his home. There he sees a 28-year-old girl named Maria who had some issues in her relationship with a boy. Bobby was in love with her immediately and after a series of surprising turn of events, they got married and the movie is about what all things happen in their lives after this unconventional marriage.

It is the silliness in creating a story that annoys you here. The boy just sees the girl and divine love begins. Just 3 weeks into the seeing her, she doesn’t even know about the boy’s existence and the boy is like- I can’t live without her. If Shebi’s intention was to make a nonsensical comedy, this would have partially worked. But when the second half of this film starts to take the film’s romantic angle seriously, we kind of lose the temper. The character of Bobby is so annoying that we would really wish to give him a slap. I still don’t have any idea on what made Maria fall for a guy who was acting like a sexually frustrated youngster.

This is Niranj’s second film after Black Butterfly and the guy has got a character that could have been charming. But the writing and the performance of Niranj can’t make Bobby really charming. Mia is pretty good in the character of Maria in her typical style. Saju Navodaya and Sinoj Varghese’s eccentric jokes are somewhat a relief in this over a comical romantic film. Aju Varghese and Dharmajan are there in the movie, but the chances of you remembering them are very less. Shammy Thilakan’s brief role as the father of Bobby is perhaps the only good thing in this film.

This is Shebi’s second film after Plus 2. Well, the writing and direction style still remains silly and cheesy. The lackluster writing wasn’t saved by his directorial quality and we struggle to make sense of what is happening on screen. The predictability and the annoying nature of the title character reduce the charm. The age gap idea wasn’t effectively used in the movie. Music was really nice but the songs were placed poorly. Cuts and visuals were quite average.

The torturing two and half hour length only makes the experience even more painful for the viewers. With a lot of undercooked subplots and indigestible character arcs, Bobby is a test of patience and sense.