Carbon review: a substantial as well as entertaining movie

Carbon review: a substantial as well as entertaining movie

Munnariyippu was one movie that respected the intelligence of the audience and allowed them to explore the reasons. It had its own statements which people understood by carefully looking into the details. Carbon, from the same director Venu is something that has the same amount of minimalism. A plot that could have been a preachy take on environmental concerns gets the attire of a thriller and the writer director gives it a compelling cinematic feel. With Fahadh Faasil doing the job effortlessly and elegantly, Carbon has quality to its credit.

The main protagonist of the film is a guy named Siby who has no interest in slow earning typical jobs. He does all the fraud jobs like being the middle man in dealings like the selling of gem stones, barn owl etc. At one point he got an assignment to revamp an old palace in the middle of a forest and the film talks about the incidents that happen there after Siby hears about a possible treasure in the forest.

The whole story is metaphorical. Siby is the greedy humanity who has no mercy towards ecosystem. But Venu makes sure that the presentation is not caricaturish. Through other characters in the main plot, he conveys what the ideal human should be. The humor filled first half is devoted to establish the hero’s character. In the adventure filled second half has whole new attire. It becomes exciting, engaging and even philosophical. Layers of mystery create intrigue. The predictability one can feel towards the last half an hour or so is the only demerit. But the realness covers up that flaw considerably.

There is no stopping Fahadh Faasil from being the character with impeccable amount of conviction. The crookedness to the self-realization, he gets into the skin of the character brilliantly. There were scenes where he stunned viewers with his conviction. Mamta Mohandas and Manikandan Achari were good for their respective roles. Chetan was given a pivotal character. Soubin Shahir, Praveena, Kochu Preman, Dileesh Pothan, Spadikam George and Sharafudheen are also there in the star cast.

Everything in the film has been added very carefully by Venu to use them in the ending or on a rereading level. From the opening credits sequence to the very last scene freeze, there is a relevance to each and everything. The lack of drama makes it more real and engaging. The photography is fabulous and KU Mohanan gives the movie the much needed thriller ambience. Beena Paul’s sharp cuts improve the pace. Background score and sound design elevated the film while the music from Vishal Bhardwaj was just okay.

Even on a marginal level, this movie has got some entertainment value. But if you analyze the subtle political statements focusing on the environmental aspects, there is more cinematic quality to Carbon.