Children’s Park Review: a forgettable film nothing special in it

Children’s Park Review: a forgettable film nothing special in it

When you watch the new Shafi movie Children's Park, you will find yourself giggling for laughs. But if you ask me whether you will remember any of the jokes for which you laughed inside the theater when you come out of this movie, I would say the chances are very less. Children's Park is simply a forgettable fun film with nothing special about it.

Rishi lost his father and the family properties were partitioned among the kids. But because of the bad relationship he kept with his father, Rishi's share of property was given to an orphanage named Children's Park. The movie shows us how Rishi and his friend tries to get that money from the orphanage and the events that unfold along with that.

If you consider movie being entertaining has to do only with the fun you have inside the theater, then Children's Park is that passable flick for you. It is one of those movies where you will sit through the movie knowing that everything is predictable and even the jokes are kind of outdated. There are way too many subplots and characters in the film that are squeezed in to create track humor.

Dhruvan is highly disappointing with his stiff acting and may be knowing that Shafi makes him that action star of the gang. Both Vishnu Unnikrishnan and Sharaf U Dheen are repeating their typical performances with all the shocks and mumbling dialogue humor. Manasa Radhakrishnan as Prarthana is the only relevant female character here, but her performance wasn't that great. Gayathri Suresh promised to put up a show, but the screenplay had nothing for her. Sowmya Menon got lost in the crowd and Hareesh Perumanna was annoying. Joy Mathew, Sreejith Ravi, Raffi etc are the other major actors here.

The making style of Shafi remains the same and it is actually the boring story that drags this movie backwards. Raffi has no interest in presenting anything peculiar. The gimmicky slapstick humour is not so funny after a point. In the second half, the film just goes on and on with too many theatrics that wasn't doing any good for the content. The music is average and the background score was pretty outdated and excessive. The fundamental flaw of this movie is that it isn't respecting the evolved viewer and still caters the same old jokes.

If you are okay with predictable, forgettable comedy, Children's Park has all that. It's a movie where you will walk out of the cinema hall struggling to remember the joke for which you laughed.