Chunkzz Review: a fun movie for adults more than kids

Chunkzz Review: a fun movie for adults more than kids

Omar Lulu's second film after Happy Wedding, Chunkzz is a chunk of misogyny. If you felt that Happy Wedding was a fair enough fun film, this may also please you. But as someone who couldn't digest it's agenda, I have to say that it is worst than happy wedding.

Romario is this final year mechanical engineering student who has three close friends. During their final year, his family friend Riya joins the mechanical branch. As the relationship between them grew things became a little complicated and the film depicts those issues and it's solution.

Well the success of the not so great first film has definitely given confidence to Omar to do the same thing again with even nastier character assassination. Racist and sexist jokes are abundant in the screenplay and the frustration is so hard it is almost a softer Mastizade. Almost all the man in this film looks at a woman as a sex symbol. It was sad to see even girls laughing at such crude humor. There is a fine line between a joke becoming vulgar or spot on and in the case of Chunkzz, the later never came. Numerous subplots are there just to infuse sick jokes.

Omar showed his style in the last film and nothing has changed. His story telling is simply based on an undeveloped one liner. While others add character layers to back stories, Omar and his writers seems to be in desperation to find a sequence that will defame the females in the frame or story. Very occasionally the film has certain dialogue humor which I found funny. The dialogues are too desperate for vulgar fun. Alby's cinematography doesn't have much space to do anything creative. Underwhelming songs and plagarised background scores along with mediocre lyrics makes the music department unimpressive.

Balu Varghese as the usual Kochi Machan was fine. Vishak Nair and Ganapathi plays the roles of his friends in an okay way. Dharmajan manages to crack jokes in his signature style. Lal and Siddique has brief roles which weren't that memorable. Honey Rose has got a role that only demands her willingness to look glamorous on screen.

If you never dive in to the politics and ethics of a cinema if it is a comedy, this one may be the two hour long comedy skit that might satisfy. The biggest irony in my opinion is this film was given a U certificate.