Cuban Colony Review: an extremely torturous experience

Cuban Colony Review: an extremely torturous experience

Surviving Cuban Colony is so tough that if you can sit through it, you can boast about it in front of the society. A movie that has pretty much nothing to its credit becomes a torturous experience for the viewer as it mocks the sensibilities of the viewers. Even after the movie getting some commendable recommendations from people like Resul Pookkutty and Lijo Jose Pellissery, the expectation factor was moderate and to my surprise the movie was horrible.

It is hard to narrate the plot of the film because even if I narrate the full story you won’t understand what the plot is. The film shows a murder in the first scene and whatever we see after that that looks so untidy and bizarre gets a link to this first act at the end of all this.

Cuban Colony feels like a classic case of misreading movies. No! I am not saying I have misread Cuban colony. But it seems like the director of the film Manoj Varghese Parecattil thinks that gangster movies are just a collage of random things happening in a place without any real relevance. Manoj has just shot random things including pointless songs, jokes, and fights. Shooting without a script is an adventurous way of approaching content, but in this case, it was a disaster. If a movie idea like this can be made, then a lot of better stories deserve to get made.

Jino John, as usual, gets a mad loud character that is also a stupid working in a CID company that is the epitome stupid and clueless writing. Sreekanth Dasan who has appeared in Angamaly Diaries is the only other known face. The director himself has portrayed the role of an important character and it’s a forgettable performance. Rests of the elaborate cast are disappointing.

I don’t wish to repeat the lack of quality in the direction of this movie. A football match, a fight, a comedy scene, a love track, action scene. The idea of this movie is random including such scenes and claim to be a movie. There is no explanation about the reason why these people are fighting with one another. Songs have no significance. Edits are pathetic and the camera work is average. This movie is just an essay on nothingness.

Cuban Colony is only going to give you a bad time in the cinema hall. If you are someone who aspires to be a filmmaker, you shouldn’t even watch it as it might dishearten you. This movie mocks the viewer in a really bad way.