Drama Review: script fails to explore the central conflict

Drama Review: script fails to explore the central conflict

The new Ranjith movie Drama has this all over the place nature to its script that doesn’t really know how to explore the central conflict. It is a movie that just goes on and on without an aim and whatever bits of dialogue humor are there in the movie keeps it away from being a disastrous one. A stranded Mohanlal is trying his best to elevate this movie and sadly that wasn’t at all working in favor of the film.

Drama is built around the idea of a funeral. A lady named Rosamma dies in London. She was living with her daughter and she was a native of Kattappana. Rosamma had this wish to be cremated in Kattppana, but after her death, her children decide to cremate her in London. Jomon, the youngest son of Rosamma really wanted to fulfill his mother’s last wish and the film shows us how he manages to do that with the help of a man named Raju who was part of the funeral event organizers.

The movie’s dullness can be equated to that of Ranjith’s own Kadal Kadannu Oru Mathukutty. Both Drama and Mathukutty seem like a product of clueless scripting. Ranjith struggles to find credible fillers that will engage the audience and move the story forward. His idea is to present the age-old theme of representing cruel kids who don’t take care of their parents. But the way he has scripted the film makes it look really clumsy. And there are too many subplots in the movie that doesn’t look convincing at all or even relevant for that matter. Even some of the logic applied to make the main scenario sound sane is bizarre in my opinion.

I would say Mohanlal was the only one here who was taking an effort to make the script look a bit livelier. And the movie overly depends on his signature funny characteristics to survive its blandness. Arundathi Nag was fine as Rosamma, a character that was somewhere similar to her Malayalam debut in Da Thadiya. Asha Sarath is the pointless heroine here. Kaniha was just okay and Niranj fails to impress with his performance. Dileesh Pothan, Baiju, and Johny Antony are the quintessential comedians here. Suresh Krishna, Tini Tom, Renji Panicker, Shyamaprasad, Jaffer Idukki etc are the other major people in the star cast and they were all fine in their respective characters.

Drama is one more film where you will feel that Ranjith hastily made a one-liner into a cinema. You can clearly sense a lack of proper analysis or work being done over a scene. The film lingers on to a lot of pointless scenes unnecessarily. I still don’t understand why it was necessary to create that scene with Tamil neighbors. This kind of scene stuffing reduces the charm of the movie. Just like the Tamilian sequence, there are many similar subplots where you will end up questioning the necessity of such scenes. This is one Ranjith movie where you literally don’t have a creative clap worthy moment. The cinematography was on the ordinary side. The cuts should have been a little tidier. Background score was too much in many places.

Ranjith somewhat tries to apply his Pranchiyettan hit formula at the beginning of the second half. But the interval punch and the Pranchiyettan influence weren’t enough to cover up this messed up script that had no grace or fluency to its credit. This movie might work for you if you feel that Mathukutty was a good movie.