Edakkad Battalion 06 Review: movie with a wafer thin concept

Edakkad Battalion 06 Review: movie with a wafer thin concept

The movie Edakkad Battalion 06 is only 110 minutes long and yet the movie is so badly written that you will feel exhausted by the end of the film. The number of subplots and diversions in the script has even confused the editor of the movie on how to contain all of this in a sensible way to keep the audience interested. Edakkad Battalion should have been a short film as the concept here is pretty thin.

Captain Shafeeq Muhammed, our hero has reached his homeland for leave.  While he was visiting his friends and relatives along with plans for a marriage, he happened to know about the presence of drugs in his village and he even gets into a tussle with a group of young people. They got very agitated with what Shafeeq did to them and the movie revolves around the dynamic of this rift.

Giving life to a one-liner into the format of a script is a process of interesting layering. The script of Edakkad Battalion 06 severely lacks that kind of quality. Swapnesh K Nair, the debutante director is focused on romantic moments in the movie that ultimately has no greater emphasis on what the movie aspires to say. The plan is to show the selfless side of the soldier at one point, so that they can later project him as an influential role model for the youngsters. But it never felt like the making achieved that result of making Shafeeq a captivating figure of inspiration.

The emotional aspect of the movie has a particular focus point and sadly the focus of the director was not there. The screenplay had to do two things at a time. It had to create a solid lovable backdrop for Shafeeq and also a track that would keep the fire in the youngsters against him. But both these tracks have an artificial vibe in its texture. The bs accident, photoshop incident, numerous scenes for the sake of comedy, etc. are a burden for the movie as it never really contributes to the totality of the movie. Sinu Sidharth’s visuals were good. Editing was poor. Nee Himamazhayay was composed and pictured nicely. The visual effects used in the movie were logically bizarre.

Tovino sort of continues his safe zone behavioral acting and there is nothing wrong in it as the movie rarely demanded an effort from his side rather than having the body language of a military person. Samyuktha Menon has a fumbling dialogue delivery, but her chemistry with Tovino helps her a lot in the movie. P Balachandran was a bit too eccentric. Nirmal Palazhi was fine Rekha’s dubbing was tacky. Joy Mathew, Santhosh Keezhattur, Sarasa Balussery, Sudheesh, Malavika Menon etc are there in the movie.

The idea of Edakkad Battalion is wafer-thin. The writer and the director are trying to add backstories and side stories to a skinny content to make it look like a big fat commercial movie. That stretching takes away all the possible charm from this movie that almost becomes jingoistic in terms of emotional tone.