Ennalum Sarath Review: a torturous suspense thriller

Ennalum Sarath Review: a torturous suspense thriller

The reason Balachandra Menon found for the debacle named Njan Samvidhanam Cheyyum was that the targeted audience didn’t make it to the theater. And this time he has made a movie called Ennalum Sarath targeting the audience who will come to the theater. Well, that’s a great suggestion given by some marketing consultant who doesn’t have a clue about how cinema works. With a clueless script that doesn’t know what to do with the story in its hands, Ennalum Sarath is a torturous suspense thriller.

Ennalum Sarath is a murder mystery. Elizabeth is a college student who died mysteriously and the police are investigating the case. The investigation is taking its time by questioning each and every one and the movie is showing us the story of Elizabeth and the investigation.

The most bizarre thing for me in this movie is the title of the film that has nothing much to do with the content. In fact, the story doesn’t even change a bit even if you remove the character of Sarath from the picture. Developing the spark of an idea is an art and sadly Balachandra Menon this time has not managed to get it. And his depictions of certain things are outrageous and stupid. The film has shallow placard characters. Menon uses them to depict his political statements in a really unnecessary way. The entire time spent over that character played by Jude Anthony Joseph is absolute trash.

Nithya and Nidhi have a fair enough screen presence but sadly they have got poorly written lines. Balachandra Menon and Charlie has really less significance here and they both talk in this film after 90 minutes into the runtime. Jude Anthony Joseph's character in the movie and his performance are both ridiculous. Surabhi Lakshmi is struggling in the role offered to her. Mallika Sukumaran, Lal Jose, Idavela Babu, Nobi, Joy Mathew, Dileesh Pothan, Kottayam Nazeer, Sidhartha Siva are the other major characters here and I am still wondering what was Mareena Michael doing in this film.

Malayalam cinema is in such an evolved space right now and a veteran like Balachandra Menon trying to drag it back is a seriously painful sight. He needs to watch the movies of at least the directors he cast in this film to act. And he should seriously consider getting a writer if he wants to write something that he has no idea about. The age of bumper sticker dialogues is over. Even that police investigation part looks so unreal in its presentation. The cinematography is mediocre and the music is underwhelming.

If one of those filmmakers who performed in this story had the courage to tell Balachandra Menon on how to change the scripting and making according to the evolved taste of the modern audience, this torture wouldn’t have happened. This is strictly for those who think that his last movie was also a good one.