Ente Ummante Peru Movie Review : a watchable movie

Ente Ummante Peru movie review

The intent of the movie Ente Ummante Peru by debutante Jose Sebastian is a good one. But the plot of this movie has some issues in evolving gracefully to have the audience invested in the narrative. At times the movie feels like a deliberately bloated attempt. The chemistry between Tovino and Urvashi is so good in the last half an hour or so in the movie that you will end up wishing how great it would have been if the content was equally good.

Hameed is the only son of Hyder. And Hyder was a man who was a mystery to everyone and nobody knew about the family of Hyder. So when Hyder died, Hameed became an orphan. And his marriage plans also met a roadblock because of a lack of family. So the movie Ente Ummante Peru is showing us Hameed’s journey to find his mother from whatever details he knows.

The teaser of the movie was so promising that you can sense a unique plot idea in it. But sadly Jose Sebastian and Sarath R Nath can’t fill the movie with credible smooth subplots. The Lucknow portions in the second half had some conviction to its credit whereas the entire first half of the movie felt so dethatched from the core of the movie. The humor and romance don’t really work when you look at the movie in totality. Even when the movie shifts to Lucknow, the plot is getting stuck pointlessly. The irrelevance of the parts that are prior to the seemingly hearty climax drags the movie backward.

Tovino Thomas takes some time to get the slang right. His typical style suited the character of Hameed and I think Tovino should work on characters that are naïve. Urvashi is in the top gear with a commanding performance that had multiple shades. Hareesh Kanaran was helpful to the movie at many places. Mamukkoya was essential and Siddique wasn’t necessary.

The caricature tone of many characters is the main flaw that bothered me in the beginning. And the lack of smoothly merged subplots also makes it difficult for us to enjoy. And the script isn’t evolving greatly from the one-liner idea. As I said, the major relief is in the second half where we get to see the chemistry of the lead actors. There is a small surprise at the end of the movie which would have given it dimensions, but the flaws in making take away the charm of that surprise. Visuals and music were on the positive side.

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Ente Ummante Peru is a watchable movie that needed better writing to win the hearts of the audience. This mother-son story would have worked if there was more of the mother-son thing rather than the surrounding noise.