Evidey Review: predictable, melodramatic and preachy

Evidey Review: predictable, melodramatic and preachy

The story-credit of the new movie Evidey is given to the fabulous writer duo Bobby and Sanjay. Bobby and Sanjay have admitted that they will sit and write a script if the idea sort of excites them frequently. After watching the KK Rajeev directorial, one can easily understand why the writer duo never wanted to take an effort on developing this script. It is way too thin, predictable, melodramatic and preachy.

A musician named Symphony Zachariah goes missing and his wife decides to go to the police station and raise a complaint. During the investigation, the family started receiving letters from Zachariah and they decided to withdraw the complaint. But his wife soon understands the fact that there is something mysterious about the letters they received and the movie Evidey shows us the personal investigation done by Zachariah’s wife Jessy and his father Kuttichan.

In the first 20 minutes of the movie Evidey, there is a very awkward comedy bit featuring the heroine Asha Sharath and Baiju Santhosh, and there is also this friendship song that pops out of nowhere.  This two particular inclusion proved the fact that even a Bobby Sanjay story can be easily ruined if the makers have no clear intent. Evidey is 2 hours long preach about the repercussions of the usage of drugs among school kids. The way they have pasted all those messages before the end credit clearly shows the lack of confidence in the craft.

Asha Sarath has a set of emotions and here there is only prominent one to be showcased. When the writing is flawed there is a limit to which an actor can do to make things look better. Shebin Benson who plays the role of the son loses it completely in the second half when he shows those psychic shades. Manoj K Jayan is there in his usual avatar. Prem Prakash was fine. I still don’t know why they included the role of Suraj Venjaramood in this sentimental trash.

KK Rajeev seems to be in the same zone of daily soaps when it comes to handling the script. It was supposed to be a thriller with an emotional layer. But what this script by Krishnan C eventually became was a pile of melodrama that gave a tough competition to those tacky daily soaps. A movie that is only 117 minutes long making you feel that it will take forever to end itself shows how untidy it is. The film just wants to make it a series of scenes of a weeping mother whose approach to an event like this was very odd. The songs were misplaced and technically the movie looks very compromised.

The story of Evidey wanted it to be a suspense thriller. But the screenplay and direction were adamant about it being a preach. Evidey is a melodrama with numerous flaws and unbearable amount of melodrama.