Ganagandharvan Review: just an old school family drama

Ganagandharvan Review: just an old school family drama

Ganagandharvan from Ramesh Pisharody is a very usual movie template. If you are someone who has no issues with Pisharody’s first directorial, Panchavarnathatha, a major chunk of Ganagandharvan won’t be an issue for you. The political problems of this drama that addresses an issue that has certain contemporary relevance is actually the problem with this movie. Ultimately Ganagandharvan is an average drama with a problematic politics.

Kalasadhan is a troupe of musicians and Ullas is one of the lead singers. The life of Ullas wasn’t a smooth one and he had all the miseries a middle-class man faced in his life. But Ullas gets a chance to go to the USA at one point in his career. But for that, he had to do one more thing. He was asked to marry a girl just to help her escape from Kerala to the USA. Ullas’ decision on this tricky offer and how everything turns out at the end is what we are seeing in Ganagandharvan.

As a writer and director, Ramesh Pisharody loves making socio-political statements and much like his earlier film; here also he makes fun of the lack of logic in the lifestyle of a common man. But these inclusions are great as a comedy bit by Ramesh Pisharody, but as a cinema sequence, they stand out like a sore thumb. When law favors the female when she is the victim, there is a possibility that she might take advantage of that situation. But when your character is blatantly saying she will take advantage of it repeatedly in the most amateurish way, the intention of the writer becomes a questionable one.

Mammootty as the singer is a bit tough to digest as his body language was a misfit in many areas. But in being that middle class struggling family man, the actor was fabulous. Vanditha Manoharan as the wife character Mini was disappointing. Athulya Chandra was also too stiff as Sandra.  Manoj K Jayan, Suresh Krishna, Innocent, Kunchan, Sunil Sukhada, Siddique, Maniyan Pilla Raju etc are the other prominent who all sadly got lost in the crowd.

Ramesh Pisharody is a good narrator of stories with humor placed smartly inside those story bits. The process of film making involves the craft of a filmmaker in giving these things a subtle visual aesthetics. That is an area where Pisharody fails. Pisharody is creating scenes after scenes to show his experience as an artist in the old days and those bits aren’t merging with the movie in the desired way. When the movie tries to act like a suspense drama in the second half, there is a lack of clarity in the way the movie approaches the whole misuse of the legal system’s soft corner. The character is written so badly that you tend to question the intention of the makers. Alagappan has done the cinematography and Deepak Dev is the music director. 

Ganagandharavan is an old school family drama. It doesn’t have the texture or freshness of a movie that got made in 2019. We get to see another version of the same story of the hero getting misunderstood by everyone for something he has not done. If you are okay with one more version of that story, you can watch Ganagandharvan.