Georgettan's Pooram Review: a below average experience

Georgettans Pooram Review

When you stuff a plot with elements that aren’t at all relevant to a movie’s prime concern, a movie like Georgettan's Pooram is born. A supposed to be sports drama gets treated as a usual Dileep movie and because of that the emphasis is very minimal on the sports part and with skit jokes offering discrete fun Georgettan's Pooram is largely underwhelming.  

A jobless guy George and his friends are the main characters in this film. They are pretty aimless and their families also look at them as disappointments. They have this hangout place called Mathai parambu. That place has a connection with the game of Kabadi. The film is apparently about the emotional connect these people have with that place and how Kabadi becomes a key part in it.

3/4th of this movie is simply wasted in order to create a backdrop to the prime story. We are getting a very elaborate explanation about George and his gang. It is not that the explanation is unnecessary. When you have a sports drama kind of idea in the core you should make a film that is more inclined to that. An irrelevant loves story and several other side tracks are shown which at the end looks pointless. Even after reaching the half way point the movie still wasn’t trying to enter the main conflict zone. The partition of the movie is like 2 hours of usual jokes and other stuff, then half an hour of sports. To convince an audience about the victory of an underdog team, half an hour is not at all enough.

George is a character that is pretty much a Dileep character. But the desperation for comedy makes that character look like a joker at some points. Rajisha Vijayan gets a role that looked relevant in the beginning but became an unused tool by the time we saw the climax. Vinay Forrt wasn’t at all necessary for such a role. Sharafudheen is there in his typical style along with Hareesh. The elaborate cast including Chemban Vinod Jose, Renji Paniker, T G Ravi, Sudheer Karamana and many others doesn’t have much of challenging role here. 

Dr. Love was K Biju’s first film. Coming to Georgettan’s Pooram, the story looks fine enough for a decent entertaining film. But the over written script spoils the soul of the film. The desperation to have comedy in all frames reduces the range of the film as a nail biter. Kavi Uddeshichathu was one film in the recent past which had similar theme, but their way of build up wasn’t this much excessive. Heroics of Georgettan become too much in the climax and even after being showed stylishly in slow mo, it doesn’t look convincing. Songs were fine and the BGM was disappointing.

Georgettan's Pooram feels empty at the end. The sporadic jokes and witty moments may keep you occupied. But the sheer lack of a good story affects the movie terribly and thus the film becomes a below average experience.