Gold Coins review

Gold Coins Malayalam movie review

The process of film making has a distinction from mere story telling. The drama and the visuals should make us feel for the characters inside it. The new movie Gold Coins directed by Pramod Gopal is a movie that has an okay enough message worthy story. But the sloppy writing and and the unappealing making makes this movie a charmless cinema.

Two brothers Achu and Kichu are our central protagonists. They are from this lower idle class family who aspires to have a bicycle with gears. While that wish remained unfulfilled Achu and Kichu went through certain uncalled for events which eventually lead them to the city of Ernakulam. Their arrival at Ernakulam, what all happens after their arrival and the reason why they came there at the first place is what Gold Coins telling us.

When you try to preach a juvenile audience, it should have some substance that would even attract the elders. In the case of Gold Coins, even the kids are finding the movie a bit tedious because of the drama. One key reason for this issue is the heft in the writing which doesn’t really suit the plot of this movie that has children in pivotal roles. The elaborate screenplay at times has sequences that don’t really deserve that much of space in such content. The cliché elements we see in movies that try to motivate young kids gets repeated here as well. Only a realistic approach in to the mindsets of the kids would have helped the movie in being appealing, but the lack of it severely affects the film.

The key roles are portrayed by Master Vasudev and Master Gopal. Two of them have tried their best to pour in innocence to their portrayal. But the earlier mentioned heavy melodrama causes serious problems in their performance. The poor kids can’t pull off such dialogues effectively. The same issue was there in the case of other child actors in the movie. Sunny Wayne is there in a brief cameo role with nothing much to do. Meera Nandan, Sai Kumar, Tessa, Sujith Shankar, Anil Nair, Hemanth Menon and Joy Mathew are there in the movie in small characters.

The direction of Pramod Gopal can’t really conceive the melodrama in his own writing with realness. The stage drama feel is the issue in this movie that was made with a good intent. AT some areas the movie almost becomes a moral science lecture. The script is desperate to complicate the plot with too many subplots. Cinematography was average. Out of the songs, the prayer song was a good one. In the BGMs you can clearly hear the Mankatha BGM. The edits were bit too sharp.

The aim is to convey a story that has the much needed flavors of advising in a children’s film. But because of the extreme melodrama and elaborate nature of the film, even kids were looking forward to see the conclusion of the film.