Honey Bee 2: Celebrations Review - Drifting aways from its true nature

Honey Bee 2 Review

When the first part of Honey Bee 2, released there were criticism of it being endorsing drugs. But still the movie garnered commercial success mainly due to the humorous treatment and the sort of action packed feel. When it comes to the second installment in the franchise, these crucial ingredients are missing. With every silly character dilemma getting depicted in an exaggerated way, Honey Bee 2 becomes a disappointment.

The story continues from the first part where Seban and Angel try to commit suicide. The couple who escaped is given the permission to get married by the Punyalans. At this point Seban’s orthodox family becomes a concern as he was pretty sure that they won’t agree to this. Honey Bee 2 is actually focusing on the issues that happens in Seban’s wedding function due to the mismatch of families.

There is a conflict inside our lead character Seban as he finds himself guilty of hiding certain facts from his parents. What you as a viewer don’t get is the reason why an arrogant disobedient Seban is behaving like this. An issue that could have been solved easily through conversation is given unnecessary build up. And they fail to explain why such tension was required. The behaviour of Seban is never explained correctly. Forgetting its true genre, Honey Bee 2 almost becomes a family drama. Even though Lal Jr. infuses jokes in to the screenplay through characters played by veteran comedians, the film had already lost its grip by that time.

The first movie had our characters running for their lives and there were these humor that happens in the midst of all that. The chemistry between these actors was also very crucial. This time they have eliminated all these factors. What you are seeing mostly is the drama between Seban and his parents. There is very little space for his close friends and his girl in the screenplay of Honey Bee 2. That makes the movie entirely different from the original one in a way we really didn’t want to. The attempts to add comedy by introducing lot of minute characters also didn’t work for the film. Deepak Dev’s tunes were good while the photography and cuts were okay.

Asif Ali delivers a satisfactory performance as Seban. Lal’s portrayal of Michael Punyalan has a calmer feel. Sreenivasan and Lena did the role of Seban’s parents neatly. Like I already said, the roles of Baburaj, Balu, Sreenath Bhasi and even Bhavana had very little prominence in the screenplay and you don’t really get to see them on screen. The movie has a really elaborate cast.

Honey Bee 2 disappoints by drifting away from its true nature. The things that made the audience like it was not there and the elements that made people hate it is still there.