Ira review: a beta version of typical Vysakh movies

Ira review: a beta version of typical Vysakh movies

Ira is what you get when you try to pass a hidden agenda through a clichéd over the top thriller. The new film directed by Saiju SS looks pretty much like the beta version of movies created by his producers Vysakh and Udayakrishna. If you were okay with almost all the movie the producer duo created as director and writer, this movie might be an okay watch for you.

A minister in the Kerala cabinet who was under the scanner due to corruption dies due to heart attack. On initial investigation the police understood that it was a planned murder and junior doctor Aryan was the accused who says that he has no hands in this. The movie basically shows us the investigation process of this murder mystery.

The movie starts off in a slightly interesting manner with the tone of usual things. Towards the end of the first half it sort of reveals how it is rooting for off screen incidents and to be frank, the desperation you sense in those scenes to ridicule a lot of people is so immature. The second half has twists and developments that are either predictable or dull. The revenge idea and several other things that happen in the things don’t look fresh or appealing. And the movie sort of goes on and on to provide a suspense thrill which it can’t create.

Unni Mukundan has got style but his performance doesn’t have the grace due to flawed dialogue delivery and unimpressive depiction of emotional reactions. Gokul Suresh Gopi’s striking resemblance with his father in terms of voice modulation and body language was an interesting thing to observe. Miya was fine in that pretentious character. The other characters offered to actors like Alencier Ley Lopez, Shankar Ramakrishnan, Niranjana, Lena, Saju Navodhaya, Marina Michael, Kailash were hardly memorable.

Saiju SS follows the style of his Guru Vysakh in executing scenes by using similar kind of shots and treatment. That does reduce the feel of the movie from being a fresh idea. The script like I said is pretty restricted and a lot of the things in the script doesn’t feel fool proof. The climax areas have a lot of findings which doesn’t really convince you in being sensible. The women safety progressive agenda is one thing we are seeing in every film these days and film makers are using now that an excuse to pass any kind of theme. Cinematography is weak and the edits tries desperately to make them look neat. Gopi Sundar’s background score was pretty average.

Ira tries to explore every cliché that has been already explored. It tries to be a package with romance, action and suspense, but the output is typical that it won’t even stay with you that long.