Irupathiyonnam Noottandu Review: an extremely clumsy one

Irupathiyonnam Noottandu Review: an extremely clumsy one

Irupathiyonnam Noottandu is director Arun Gopy’s second film after the commercial success Ramaleela. The movie is pretty much torture with nothing new or exciting for the viewer. The trailer has already done a certain level of damage with its totally underwhelming structure. When it comes to the movie, the blaming gets shared between Pranav Mohanlal and the making and writing. There is hardly an instance where one would feel the movie has a relevance.

A Goan Malayali surfer named Appu is our main protagonist. His father is a “retired” Don addressed as Baba. In the midst of the usual problems, a girl named Saya comes into Appu’s life and eventually they fell in love. But suddenly Saya disappears and Appu learns that there are many limitations and barriers in her life. Irupathiyonnam Noottandu shows us how Appu helps Saya in getting out from all those.

If Queen had a key element taken from Pink, the corresponding inspiration for Irupathiyonnam Noottandu comes from Highway. Arun Gopy’s approach to using the nun aspect was actually a great one, but with an overwritten and unexplored script Arun gets it all wrong and this key area becomes a very minute part of the script. Arun Gopy wants to put forward his opinions on many things that are happening around us and the scenes he created in the movie to say all that never really made much sense. The last action bit in the trailer was one thing I wanted to see in Irupathiyonnam Noottandu and even that was also made very tackily.

Pranav Mohanlal definitely has limitations and he must work on it enormously if he wants to live up to the expectations. His name was shown after showing Mohanlal’s name on the screen and if that’s the way ahead for him, only acrobatics won’t help. His dialogue delivery, drunkard act, emotional outbreak etc are so amateur. Rachel David who plays Saya is also underwhelming and even dubbing artist Raveena Ravi can’t add any grace to the performance. Abhirav Janan is a relief with his natural acting. Manoj K Jayan was fine. And there is a series of senior actors in the movie in forgettable roles. Gokul Suresh is there for glorifying the communist angle in a cringe-worthy manner.

The maker in Arun Gopy has innovative ideas for sure. But the written in his is clueless on the packaging. A highly clichéd and predictable script gets overloaded with too many things. And in the second half, the political opinion oriented distractions are way too much and none of it had subtlety. I still don’t know how the climax conversation slipped into gender equality debate. The director makes an appearance to criticize media. And all this stood out like a sore thumb. Abhinandan Ramanujam was pretty much wasted in a movie like this. The action wasn’t that appealing and even the editing had basic technical errors. Music was okay, but the background score was excessive.

The writing here is lazy and the making is extremely clumsy. And on the top of all that we have a hero who just can’t pull it off gracefully. The numerous dialogue references and off screen glorification is just a testament to the fact that the script here is extremely weak.