Ittymaani Made In China Movie Review – Mohanlal, Jibi Joju

Ittymaani Made In China Movie Review – Mohanlal, Jibi Joju

Preaching seems to be a safe defense for entertainer movies these days. The latest example for that is Ittymaani made in China. Just like some of those Sathyan Anthikad movies, here also the emphasis is to give a lecture to the audience about taking care of your parents. Being subtle about it is definitely not the style of Jibi and Joju. And thus this loud preach with sick jokes becomes a forgettable cinema that won’t stay in your head.

A Kunnamkulam based businessman named Ittymaani is our central protagonist. He is a merchant of duplicate goods. He was born in China and thus knows their language. The age over bachelor is still in a hunt to have a girl in his life. But his obsession with the commission always causes a problem. At one point in his life, Ittymaani decides to help his neighbor Annamma in a very unusual way. The reactions to that weren’t that easy to handle and the movie shows us how Ittymaani handles that pressure.

One thing one would definitely wonder after seeing Ittymaani Made in China is why there is a China link to the movie. Does it help the movie in any way? Does the central conflict of the movie have anything to do with China? The answer is a big fat no. The makers Jibi and Joju have this simple idea that they should make a movie that talks about the necessity of kids taking care of their parents. Usually, scriptwriters do a process of layering the script with subplots that contribute to the film. But here it is just burdened comedy. A major portion of the first half is purposeless comedy skit that only elongates the movie. The second half has the core idea and it is predictable and lengthy. Ittymaani is a very safe zone movie that doesn’t have the guts to show something extraordinary. Mohanlal is frequently giving speeches about taking care of parents and at the same time he is okay with friends calling those old people as the old model ambassador.

Jibi and Joju are not trying to make a movie with nuances or cinematic aesthetics. Their plan is to package everything. They wish to get into that defensive zone of saying our movie has a really good message. But they are not taking any effort to make that message subtle. We are shown random comedy bits in the first half and the movie takes a preachy turn of events in the second half. The very first scene of the movie can actually give you an idea of how clueless the directors are about making the movie. I would say they are extremely lucky to have talented actors like Siddique, Mohanlal etc in the movie, otherwise, it would have been an absolute mess. Shaji Kumar has done a fine job in the cinematography and the music by 4 Musics isn’t that appealing.

Mohanlal does the comedy bits very naturally and it’s quite evident that this is not a challenging role for him. The film basically explores a lot of mannerism of the complete actor. The bond between KPAC Lalitha and Mohanlal is really warm. Radhika Sarathkumar’s acting is on the old school side. Siddique as the priest was fabulous. Aju Varghese, Dharmajan and Hareesh are the forgettable comedians. Sijoy Varghese, Vinu Mohan, Sawsika and Kailash are the irresponsible kids. Honey Rose is there for 2 or 3 scenes so that Ittymaani will finally have a “beautiful” heroine.

If you have enjoyed Dharmajan’s thick friends comedy and the penalty kick comedy from the song Kunjade Ninte Manassil that’s available on YouTube, then Ittymaani will definitely work for you. That song sort of encapsulates the level of humor and sensibility of this movie.