Jeem Boom Bhaa Review: A comedy movie that won’t annoy you

Jeem Boom Bhaa Review: A comedy movie that won’t annoy you

If you are someone who likes wacky comedies like Orayiram Kinakkalal, Padayottam, etc. then the movie Jeem Boom Bhaa won’t really annoy you. The film hasn’t succeeded in reaching the level of entertainment those two films provided and thus it is indeed a disappointing film. But walking out of the movie one would have got a feeling that the ability of such a cast and technical support should have been explored using a tidier script.

Three friends who aspire to be someone in the film industry are our main characters. The gang has failed to get a bottle of liquor on New Year’s Eve and they are in search for one. In the meantime, an international Don arrives at Trivandrum airport to get a really old Kerala-made liquor that has the magical ability to solve all his ongoing problems. What happens when these two gangs get connected over that one bottle is what Jeem Boom Bhaa showing us.

There is a frequent obsession for the movie to be extremely eccentric and that ruins the plot that had the potential to be really funny. We all know that the movie is supposed to be that humor show. But to get the first real laugh of the movie, you will have to wait till the interval comes. The second half of the movie has more comedy and the situational humor in the second half looked more convincing. And a great chunk of the credit should go to actors like Baiju, Aneesh Gopal, Limu Shankar, Kannan Nair and Rahul Nair for maintaining the fun quotient. Even after their fab work, why the comedy felt uneven was because of the script’s obsession to make every move in the movie look overly comedic.

Askar Ali shows us his consistency in performance by somewhat delivering the same kind of performance one expects from him. And luckily for Jeem Boom Bhaa, he isn’t a pivotal character. As always Aneesh Gopal gets the vibe of the scene and was hilarious. Limu Shankar offers to be a promising talent. Baiju was a perfect choice as the goofy local Don. Rahul Nair as the international Don was surprisingly funny. Neha Saxena plays the stereotypical character she has been getting in movies. Kannan Nair was funny, but there are many areas where he is trying to do a Jagathy which wasn’t that great to be honest.

Rahul Ramachandran wants to club all the fun he has seen in movies into one film. The problem of clubbing all those styles of comedy into one genre of comedy is that the viewer will be sort of getting confused on how to approach the film. Rahul and his writers have made a much extended first half and it seems like the second half is where they have put all their efforts. But the overdose and lack of control over comedy make it a mixed bag. The film has a solid technical backup. The cinematography and the edits made the movie look like a creation that respected the cinematic grammar.

Rahul Ramachandran ends Jeem Boom Bhaa with a sequence that shows a possible second part for the film. This is a genre that is tough to get immediate acceptance and also tough to make. If the makers can acknowledge their flaws, a second part won’t be a bad idea