Kaamuki review - strictly for the masala flick lovers

Kaamuki Malayalam movie review

The Telugu film like the texture of Binu S’ last movie Style was a much-criticized element. With his new movie Kaamuki, he makes it more evident to the moviegoers that his interest is in addressing such wafer-thin plots with silliness and extreme melodrama. Kaamuki is watchable for those who like almost all the dubbed Telugu flicks, but the chances of you remembering much of it after the screening are largely zero.

Achamma is the second daughter of her parents and she wasn’t an obedient one. Her sister was considered as an ideal girl child and when that ideal girl child broke the heart of the father, Achamma took the responsibility of living up to the expectations of her father. The movie shows us how this conflict pops up when she finally falls in love with a blind guy.

To show the naughty side of Achamma, Binu S shows us her obsession to have bigger breasts to catch the attention of men. To be honest these scenes shows us the scarcity of female writers in the industry. The sexism in the name of comedy continues as we see jokes about makeovers, girls with multiple boyfriends etc. The Omar Lulu formula of celebrating misogyny is the formula Binu has used for the first half. After that, he comes to the main plot of a love story between a girl and a blind guy and he applies the cheesy melodramatic sentiments to carry those portions forward.

The disjoint and underwhelming screenplay makes the movie look silly and the jokes and subplots look way too stuffed. I was hoping the movie to shape into a serious one post interval, but the melodrama and the cluttered comedy in between them just reduce the hope. The message of social service and faith in love are just arguments to make it sound like a good movie. The cinematography is largely interested in being colorful. The music was fine, but the background score wasn’t that great.

Aparna Balamurali has done justice to the character of Achamma. But she is left without tools by the screenplay which is all over the place. Askar Ali still struggles with dialogue delivery. Kavya Suresh was a pretty face. Baiju was good and so was the actor playing the role of Hari’s friend. Siby Thomas, Pradeep Kottayam, Aneesh Gopal, Rony David Raj etc. are there in the movie with nothing much to do.

Kaamuki is a lackluster attempt to provide entertainment by throwing in too many fun elements without a strong base. Binu S has chosen a very thin plot and the plot has not evolved to a sensible level in its conversion to a screenplay.