Kaattu movie review - the plot and characters will indulge you

Kaattu Malayalam movie Review

The 161 minutes long duration of Kaattu is a bit too much for us to tolerate. But on the brighter side, we can say that they have somewhat justified that length in the movie as it has been utilized to establish the equation between two of the pivotal characters in the film. Written by Padmarajan’s son Ananthapadmanabhan and directed by Arun Kumar Aravind, Kaattu manages to indulge you even after having flaws in treatment.

Nuhukkannu, a nerd who worked in a Toddy shop gets rescued from the tortures of that life by a man named Chellappan. Chellappan is a womanizer and the bonding between the two grows gradually through ups and downs. The film’s conflict, by the way, is based on the past of Chellappan. Navigating through that past, Kaattu is actually showing us the relationship between Nuhukkannu and Chellappan.

Like I said in the beginning, the director takes sufficient time to establish an equation between the two characters. It is almost on the verge of questioning that decision he shows us the glimpses of those moments to convince us the need of those moments in the story. The elements that get mentioned during that part of the story comes back as a tool for the screenplay in the later stages. There is an anti-famine part to the character of Chellappan which has not been explained completely in a convincing manner. The less edgy rendering of the tale at times make it a slightly underwhelming one too.

Asif Ali is evolving into a better actor by each film and here also you can see a very convincing and controlled performance from his side. There is no eccentricity or caricature kind of feel to his portrayal of Nuhukkannu. Murali Gopy was also pretty convincing as the womanizer Chellappan. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar was easily the best choice to be the bold and strong Muthulakshmi. Unni P Dev was good in the character offered to him and Manasa Radhakrishnan was okay in her role

The effective rendering of drama is perhaps the directorial quality of Arun Kumar Aravind who prefers the semi-dramatic treatments in his films. In Kaattu, he is trying to follow the style of Padmarajan by being a little more patient with the pace of the film. Ananthapadmanabhan makes sure that the characters stay with the viewers and adds enough layers for us to peel off and understand. The cinematography of the film also adds to the intensity of the story. Background score was nice and the production design was also good.

The characters and their depth are the biggest positive of Kaattu. If they had a more intriguing screenplay that explored characters slightly aggressively, things would have been more gripping.