Kalki Review: a movie without any unique aspirations

Kalki Review: a movie without any unique aspirations

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There was a lack of the typical adrenalin rush in the trailer of the movie Kalki. If you have also felt that way, the movie Kalki is pretty much an extension of that. The character traits of the hero had ample potential to make him an irreverent guy who doesn’t give a damn about anything. But the movie isn’t trying much to explore that zone and thus the over-stylized mass aspect only looks half baked.

Nanjam Kotta is a fictitious land where police can't do anything as it is ruled by a gangster aided party named DYP. Amarnath is the backbone of that party and people are living in fear of him. The Tamils in Nanjam Kotta left the place because of Amarnath and the movie Kalki shows us how this monopoly gets affected when our hero takes charge in the local police station.

Kalki very subtly conveys the fact that reasoning and logic have no great significance in the tale. And the making was good in making us subscribe to that zone of things. The over stylization and dialogue delivery was the annoying factors for me in this whole movie. The stiffness with which everyone utters their lines makes it less engaging. When there are no grand suspense to be revealed at the end, this kind of treatment can become an issue. The aim is to make a predictable hero versus villain fight look spectacular on screen and Kalki needs refinement in that area. 

Almost every actor in this movie is struggling with dialogue delivery. Tovino Thomas Looks tough and has the capacity to make us believe that he can punch 10 guys in one fight. Villain Amar played by Shivajith is also physically convincing. Samyuktha Menon who plays an irrelevant role in the movie is also struggling with dialogue delivery. Harish Uthaman gets a predictable character. Dheeraj Denny gets a character that might help him get visibility. James Elia was memorable. , KPAC Lalitha, Aparna Nair, Saiju Kurup, Vini Vishwalal are the other major names here as actors.

The police station writer has this creative space to show his oratory skills. And in one scene Kalki apologizes to Kuttan for breaking the promise of not beating the bad guys in the absence of him. The kind of quirky wacky ideas are there in Praveen Prabharam’s concept of Kalki. But the amount of such peculiar additions is pretty less. The ambition of the movie is to replicate the old wine in a new bottle formula. The second half of the movie is a series of predictable sequences. Goutham Shankar has done a fabulous job in elevating the scale through his frames. The editing was sloppy. The background score has some sync issues in certain scenes. 

Kalki is one movie that doesn’t have the aspiration to be unique. It is trying to fill the gap of an entertaining mass pleasing action police drama, but it’s typical plotting makes the overall product an average one.