Kaly Review - Unwanted masala spoils the plot

Kaly Malayalam movie review

Najeem Koya’s first directorial venture Kaly is a discretely exciting thriller. The second half of the movie is where a major development is happening and that does keep us engrossed to the screens in excitement. But towards the end, the twist in the tale doesn’t have the conviction level one would expect and the movie looks too elaborate due to an underwhelming first half. Ultimately after many ups and downs, it goes down as an average film.

A gang of boys who aspires to live the high profile life is our main protagonists. They occasionally rob houses to get good cloth and shoes. At one point they came to know about a posh villa and plan to do their operation there. The movie Kaly talks about the events that happen after this operation goes wrong terribly.

The script of this film is not perfect for sure. A lot of racist jokes are there in the first half and it’s a long process to establish the coolness of these boys. After Interval, the game changes completely and with the arrival of SI Thilakan, the plot gets more energy and intrigue. The flaws that I felt in the screenplay weren’t evident in that one hour has Thilakan dominated the movie. The climax and the events that lead up to that wasn’t conceived perfectly and thus the end punch wasn’t there.

Shebin Benson, Shalu Rahim, Indy and Anil K Reji are there in the boys’ gang and they are all okay for the kind of characters assigned to them. Aishwarya Suresh needs to work on her acting chops as she looked terrible in certain emotional sequences. Shammi Thilakan was good. Tiny Tom, Ezhupunna Baiju, Baburaj, Balaji Sharma are the other main actors in the film. The star of the show, by the way, was Joju George who gave a fantastic performance as SI Thilakan. The crookedly cool police officer single-handedly carries the movie forward after his entry.

The plot of this movie is something that is totally different in nature from whatever Najeem Koya has written so far. The first half build up makes the plot look slightly artificial. And it extends the run time of the movie by a considerable margin. The murmuring jokes work occasionally and it is the second half where the thrill kicks in that work in favor of the film. If they could have added more conviction rather than masala, Kaly would have been much better filmed. The cinematography was good while the edits were excessively sharp. The music department was okay.

The maximum I can say is that Kaly is an average film. Joju George is the scene stealer here and his one-man show helps the movie a lot of whatever little it has achieved.