Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel Review: a passable one

Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel Review: a passable one

The verbal praising of hero by other actors is something that is evidently there in almost all B Unnikrishnan movies. His new movie Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel is one film where the same tactics get repeated again and with a layer of humor coated to the content, this movie starring Dileep is a passable one with nothing much to talk about. The plot had the possibility to be an impressive thriller, but a festive fan film seems to be the agenda here.

A struggling advocate named Balakrishnan is our main protagonist. He has stammering issues and because of that, he is a failure in his profession. A girl one day meets him through his brother in law and requests him to help her in filing a legal notice against a high profile individual. But there was a trap in it which Balakrishnan didn’t see coming and the movie Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel shows us how Balakrishnan manages to come out clean from the legal troubles.

Just when you are a bit confused whether all these complications you saw in the story was necessary, B Unnikrishnan explains the need for the complexity through his antagonist. Listening to that you will get a feeling that the movie had a good foundation on paper. But the problem is when it got overly commercial. They have an item song at the beginning of the film and Unnikrishnan is constantly glorifying his hero without any sort of subtlety. The ironical part of the script is that the hero who knows how to find whether someone is lying or not and can extract information like Sherlock Holmes wasn’t able to understand the fraud who trapped him. Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel majorly caters to Dileep fans, not to the fans of the genre.

As an actor, Dileep gets that modern-day mixture of humor and serious shade which he has handled in movies like Ramaleela. The stutter was performed neatly by the actor. Mamtha Mohandas had some space to perform and she delivered a nice performance. Aju Varghese who returns to a full-length character after a considerable gap is uneven in terms of comedy. At times his comedy works and there are moments where his eccentricity sort of kills the humor. Suraj Venjaramood goes back to his old style of comedy. The main star in the whole cast was the stoner father played by Siddique. Even though the character seemed like a creation out of desperation to create humor, Siddique owned the character and performed it effortlessly. Renji Panicker, Lena, Harish Uthaman, Bheeman Raghu,Bindu Panicker, Rajesh Sharma, Ganesh Kumar, Saiju Kurup, Priya Anand etc. are the other major actors in the cast.

The fan-pleaser feel of the movie is the major drawback of the film from B Unnikrishnan. Initial comedy, item song, the time it takes to establish a conflict etc. sort of eliminates the possibilities of the movie to be an entertaining thriller. There are fight sequences that just focuses on boosting the hero without much of a need of that in the story. Poor Baahubali villain Prabhakar once again gets beaten up by Malayali hero in a pointless action sequence after Parole. Whenever B Unnikrishnan writes something gripping he immediately follows it up by something that will make it overly heroic and that was really spoiling the possibility of the film as a clean thriller. The cinematography and edits seriously elevate the quality of the film, especially in fight sequences. Background score was excessive while the songs were kind of okay. 

Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel is a movie that sort of falls in the same zone of Dileep’s last thriller Ramaleela. The logical flaws and exaggerations are there in this watchable thriller with humor elements.