Koodasha Review: it has the material to impress you all

Koodasha Revie: it has the material to impress you all

Koodasha has the material to impress you as a viewer. Because it isn’t an entirely usual revenge drama that shows the customized justice saga. The loud and preachy script has its demerits. But there is an interesting main conflict in the movie which deals with the emotional state of the main character, and the way they have constructed an intrigue surrounding it makes Koodasha an interesting one time watch thriller.

The main character in the movie is Joy and he is a goonda. He has an associate named Antony. As Joy became an older man he became a more concerned father and the security of his daughter was his priority. At that time he realizes some truths about Antony which prompts him to do certain things. How all these events affect him mentally and how he manages to come out of all that is what the movie Koodasha showing us.

Koodasha is an equally poised movie. You will see the movie trying to explore new styles in scripting but at the same time, there are typical notions that drag the film backward. One major issue in my view was its inability to keep the secrecy of the main suspense or all the suspense moments. The twists were guessable and more than the guessable nature and it was the fact the movie introduces all those twists later as something we never knew coming. The entire second half built using suspense couldn’t hold our interest completely. And because of the fact that the basic story here had the ambition to be a different one in terms of treatment, this predictability issue will make you feel disappointed.

Baburaj as an actor uses this character named Joy fully. He is physically the best choice to play the role and I loved the way he made the hunk like character look vulnerable and loveable by being that sensible and concerned father. The last dialogue to the villain from his side was a good mixture of the character’s mental state and Baburaj performed it gracefully. Aaryan Krishna Menon in his second outing this year was fine as Antony. Krittika Pradeep was also convincing as the daughter of Joy.  Sai Kumar, Joy Mathew, and Devan are the other major actors in the cast.

The script of this movie is written by Dinu Thomas Eelan and Baburaj. Dinu has clarity on how to approach scenes as he gives peculiar and interesting treatment to each scene. The memory loss aspect that comes in the midway of the film is making it complex but it is also making things a bit too clumsy. There are some subplots in the movie that doesn’t really blend with the whole narrative. The lack of conviction in holding the suspense is also an issue with the script. The cinematography of the movie was good, but the cuts were breaking the rhythm. Technically the film wasn’t that solid.

Koodasha is a movie where you will feel a bit disappointed because of the treatment. It’s one movie you won’t hate as it had shown promise. As a one-liner summarized story, Koodasha is indeed exciting. It is the flawed treatment that makes it cinematically a bit dull.