Kuttimama Review: a cinematic equivalent of confusion

Kuttimama Review: a cinematic equivalent of confusion

Seeing veteran directors muddle in mediocrity is a really hard thing to witness. With his new movie Kuttimama, VM Vinu is going through that patch of his career. The director who made formulaic hits like Balettan and Vesham has no intent here to upgrade his craft and this movie that is supposed to be a comedy end up as a confused entertainer that wants to be a typical masala. If this movie was a satire it would have been an agreeable passable flick, but the last minute change in intent makes it a severely underwhelming drama.

Shekharan Kutty is a retired army officer. His stories about his past deeds have created a negative image for him among the local people. It is hard to pinpoint the conflict in this movie. But in the most VM Vinu way, this is also one movie where everyone misunderstands the hero and says sorry to him.

The skit jokes and banter jokes in the film may make you laugh. But those are jokes that you won't even remember after 5 minutes. Such jokes are heavily used in Kuttimama to keep it lively. A script constructed without any major conflict is wandering to create multiple plot points and also some conflicts from any of it. And instead of going for a sensible one, the movie decides to use a Jayan photo anecdote that never gets used in the movie as an interval block. And the messed second half wants us to believe that all those extremely pretentious stories that we heard as some kind of spoofy joke were actually true. And to make it believable VM Vinu makes a tired old Sreenivasan fight with tough and huge goons.

Shekharan Kutty is almost like an alter ego of actual Sreenivasan mostly cracking his kind of witty jokes. But the movie demands more from him and the age has reduced the charm considerably. Dhyan Sreenivasan is a huge disappointment as the younger Shekharan Kutti who maintains one single wannabe Jayan expression throughout the film. Durga Krishna and Meera Vasudev play the role of Anjali, Shekharan Kutty’s love interest. Vishak Nair and Nirmal Palazhy are struggling to maintain the humor while Manju Sunichen managed to make a good impression with her subtle performance with less melodrama.

VM Vinu seriously needs to update his film making techniques. The badly written script only becomes worse with his predictable direction. The second half of the movie Kuttimama is an absolute horror of randomness. Younger Kuttimama is saving women from a brothel, killing Pakistan army men in Kargil war while older Kuttimama is fighting villains from Tamil Nadu and also receiving medals from President. In the midst of all this, there is a sequence featuring the classic memory loss and the audience howled their heart out for that scene where Kuttimama saves Anjali from falling from a cliff along with a Royal Enfield. The cinematography was average. The music was kind of good, but the placing of the songs ruined it completely. 

Kuttimama is a cinematic equivalent of confusion. The makers want this film to have almost everything including a hyper-nationalistic speech from the hero and his military friends. The sad part is that such a speech will be immediately followed by lame comedy and thus making this movie a total mess filled with randomness.