Lakshyam Review; an average thriller

Lakshyam Malayalam movie Review; an average thriller

Jeethu Joseph might be the script writer of the movie Lakshyam but when you see the movie, you might feel that he has even directed it. Anzar Khan’s Lakshyam is a movie about two escaped prisoners. There is humor in the narration and also an impressive twist in the tale. But with the last emotional act being an underwhelming one, the chances of you getting thrilled seeing Lakshyam is less.

A Police vehicle coming with two accused prisoners gets crashed in an accident and the two prisoners manages to escape. They decided to run away from the police and as the accident took place in the middle of a forest, the escape plan wasn’t easy. How they managed to escape and what exactly was the reason behind their crimes is what Lakshyam exploring.

In the trailer of the movie itself, you can see a major chunk of the plot. Anzar Khan makes this thriller in a way very similar to the style of Jeethu Joseph. Remember the “he is out there” sequence in memories? That kind of visual effects aided shots are there in this movie as well. The story is narrated in a back and forth way similar to Jeethu’s Oozham. The initial portions of the movie has scenes that show the survival instincts of our protagonists and that along with certain witty moments and interval punch, the plot looks interesting. But when it goes to the second half, there is a lack of intrigue due to certain revealed facts. The movie can’t really come out of that short coming.

Indrajith’s performance has certain artificiality or added drama which causes issues. On the other hand Biju Menon does exceedingly well as the harsh and funny Musthafa. You can clearly see the two different levels of performance on screen. Sshivada is there as a pivotal character with lesser screen time. Kishore Sathya and Shammi Thilakan are also there in the minimal star cast.

Anzar Khan’s way of film making looks like a borrowed one from Jeethu Joseph.  The kind of drama and twists we see in Jeethu Joseph’s movies is there in Lakshyam. There is an emotional rift between the two protagonists in the last leg of the movie which wasn’t conceived effectively by the script. Sinu Sidharth has taken some efforts to make the predictable parts look different on screen. Visual effects weren’t that good. The music and background score were fine. 

Lakshyam is an average thriller that could have been made in a better way if they had created a more convincing conclusion to it. Apart from witty moments and a striking twist there isn’t much juice in this thriller.