Love Action Drama Review: a one-time watchable movie

Love Action Drama Review: a one-time watchable movie

If you are someone who has loved the comedy style of Nivin Pauly in movies like Thattathin Marayathu and Oru Vadakkan Selfie, I would say that you won’t get bored seeing the movie Love Action Drama. The only saving grace of this Dhyan Sreenivasan comedy is the comfort Nivin Pauly enjoys on-screen in performing as Dineshan, a character right at the center of his comfort zone. The movie on the other hand is a very slim concept that gets pampered with excessive amount of masala.

A jobless young man, Dinesh is our hero and he is from a wealthy family. His childhood love was his cousin and she never had any interest in having a relationship with him. On the day of her wedding, Dineshan happens to meet his cousin’s friend named Shobha and falls for her immediately. How the relationship between the two transforms into something else is what the content of Love Action Drama all about.

In a movie that has a name like Love Action Drama, these three ingredients were the most artificial ones in the script. Shobha who portrays the love angle in the film is an absolutely confusing character who believes that Dinesh is a good person despite him being a totally irresponsible person. There is one scene where Shobha slaps Dineshan and he takes his bike and sets out to someplace and abruptly the movie becomes all gloomy.  Towards the end, they have added forced action to make sure that the title is justified. This isn’t a movie where you won’t laugh at all. It definitely has its moment of laughter, but the problem is that most of it stand stranded and has nothing to do with the story’s evolvement.

Nivin Pauly is in his comfort zone in this movie and you can clearly sense him having a great time being Dineshan. His typical style of comedy is not yet dated and so it won’t feel much of a repetition. Nayanthara hardly has a meaty role here. She is pretty and the movie is only looking at the beauty aspect of her. The seriously underwritten character has a lot of issues which can be debated. Aju Varghese as the hero’s friend is occasionally hilarious and sometimes a little bit of a misfit. Dhanya Balakrishna made her role memorable. Mallika Sukumaran, Renji Panicker, Sreenivasan, Durga Krishna, Jude Anthony Joseph, Motta Rajendran, Sunder Ramu, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Basil Joseph etc are the other major cast members.

Dhyan has followed the footsteps of his brother and tried to make a movie that is very much in the zone of a movie like Oru Vadakkan Selfie. But while that movie had an engaging story mixed with humor, here the emphasis is only on humor. Beyond a point when you invest too much on jokes, things become a little bit messy and that’s what happens with Love Action Drama. After a fairly engaging first half, the movie slips into a confused second half that doesn’t know whether to go with humor or some story. The cinematography suits the overall mood of the movie. Shaan Rahman’s album is a mix of predictable and interesting songs and the background score was okay considering the mood the film wants to create.

Dialogue humor helps Love Action Drama a lot in being engaging to an extent. The movie is a lousily written comedy that has an extremely confident Nivin Pauly at the center. Walking out, you will have Nivin Pauly somewhere in your headspace, not the movie or its story.